MLB 2K8 for PS3 contains bonus content

The latest issue of Game Informer has revealed that the PS3’s Blu-ray version of MLB 2K8 has given the console a sizable advantage over the 360 regarding the amount of content that will be included in the final retail version.

"There is so much content included in the game that it couldn’t all fit onto the 360 disc. Free downloadable content will be provided for what was left out."

The 360 version of the game is having the unlockable stadiums and Cool Base alternate uniforms left out of the final retail version, while the PS3 version has the features included on its Blu-ray disc. The developers behind MLB 2K8 will make that extra content available as a free download for 360 owners on release day, but this is one of the times where the PS3’s choice of software medium begins to pay off.

While this may not bother 360 owners who have access to Xbox Live, those who don’t will miss out on the content completely. This gives further leverage to PS3 owners as their game format is of higher capacity as well as having larger and upgradeable, custom, hard drives to store extra downloadable content. We’ll have more for you on MLB 2K8 soon.