Monster Hunter: World gameplay video showcases a dragon battle

monster hunter world gameplay

While we already posted a 23-minute look at some Monster Hunter: World gameplay, this one is a must-watch just for the boss fight alone since it has the player squaring off against one badass dragon!

In the 42-minute video below, which is pulled straight from Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017 stage presentation, we see Capcom showcase the character customization, crafting system and the game’s open-world elements. The entire 10-minute story into of Monster Hunter: World can be seen in the video as well, so if you absolutely do not want anything spoiled, then skip that part. Just a bit of a disclaimer, the video is in Japanese, but with Capcom reps doing some commentary in English to break down what’s happening.


"Straight from the TGS2017 stage, catch a glimpse at the 10-minute story intro of Monster Hunter: World as well as gameplay battles against the Rathian, Kulu-Ya-Ku and the terrifying Nergigante!"

As mentioned previously, the big thing here is the dragon fight against Nergigante which happens around the 36-minute mark near the end. That’s one angry, and super dangerous dragon. 

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Monster Hunter: World will claw its way out this January 26, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, with the PC release still undetermined.