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Monster Hunter World Kirin Weakness – How to Beat Kirin

Welcome to our Monster Hunter World Kirin weakness guide! Kirin is an elder dragon in MHW. He is an extremely rare dragon. It looks like a Unicorn surrounded by electricity which thickens its skin. Keep on reading to discover Kirin’s secret weakness, where to find him and how to beat him.

Monster Hunter World Kirin Weakness

Kirin may have the toughest skin among elder dragons because it’s covered with electricity. However, every monster has its weak point. And Kirin weakness MHW when it comes to element is Fire (3) followed by Water (2) and Dragon (1).

Kirin’s weakest body part is his head and horn. The Sleep (2) and Blast (2) are the most effective ailments against Kirin.

Complete MHW Kirin Quests to Unlock LowerRank Kirin

First, go to Smart Biologist near Ecological Research. Accept and complete the quests that he will give to unlock lower rank Kirin. Go back to him once you see an exclamation point in your map. Complete the following quests chronologically to get your way to Kirin MHW:

  • Snatch the Snatcher(2 Star)- capture Kulu-Ya-Ku at Wildspire Waste
  • Landing the Landslide Wyvern (3 Star)- get Barroth at Wildspire Waste
  • White Monster White Coat (4 Star)- capture Paolumu at Coral Highlands
  • Man’s Best Friend (4 Star)- get Odogaron at Wildspire Waste

Once you’re done with all MHW Kirin quests, go back to Smart Biologist then go near Botanical Research Cetner and speak to Impatient Biologist. He will give you the Kirin Quest (5 star) called Gone in a Flash.

Kirin Monster Hunter World Location & High-Rank Kirin

Completing the lower rank Kirin quest unlocks Thunderproof Mantle. Use this to defeat High-Rank Kirin. But you should be on Hunter Rank 49 to unlock high-rank Kirin.

You can find Kirin MHW location at Coral Highlands at areas 12, 13, and 15.

How to Beat Monster Hunter World Kirin

Now that you know Monster Hunter World Kirin weakness, follow these tips to defeat him:

  • Bring Nullberies, like a lot of Nullberries to counter Kirin’s Thunderblight paralyzing effect.
  • Get a Cleanser Booster from Armory Quest On Nightmare’s Wings to avoid Thunderblight.
  • Master timing in attacks. Don’t attack if you see Kirin’s skin glowing because it means he is in rage. All weapons and attacks would be wasted and just bounce off his thick skin.
  • Use the right ailments and attacks like Sleep (2) and Blast (2). Also, Thunder and Paralysis attack has no effect on him.
  • Get hold of Thunderproof Mantle from lower rank Kirin.
  • Focus your attack on its head and horn.

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