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MotorStorm PS3 Online Servers Restored By Fan Group PSONE

PSONE, the non-profit organisation that recently restored the Killzone 2 multiplayer servers for the PS3 first-person shooter, has weaved its magic again by restoring the online servers for another classic title for the console — MotorStorm.

Developed by Evolution Studios and released in 2006 as a PS3 launch game, MotorStorm has had its multiplayer experienced pulled offline since the early 2010s, which has meant that players have had to make do with the single-player only, as there’s on local multiplayer mode.

However, PSONE has revealed it’s mangled to emulate Sony’s servers and create their own one that players can connect to if they fancy diving back into MotorStorm’s multiplayer shenanigans.

To access, you’ll need a PS3 and a copy of MotorStorm as usual, but a PS3 emulator will also prove sufficient. You then have to change your console’s network settings by changing the primary DNS to and the secondary option as or

Making these changes will allow MotorStorm to connect to PSONE’s servers rather than Sony’s now-offline ones.

You can read our review of MotorStorm here to see how it stacked up 15 years ago. The game spawned two sequels, 2008’s MotorStorm Pacific Rift and 2011’s MotorStorm Apocalypse.

Evolution Studios later worked on DriveClub for the PS4 after sadly being shuttered by Sony, although much of its talent was later assimilated into Codemasters, where they developed the commercially disappointing Onrush.

[Source – VGC]