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Multiversus Adds Rick & Morty And Lebron James To The Roster

The Multiversus beta goes live in just a few days, and we’re starting to hear more and more about the title as a result. Like how Rick & Morty and Lebron James are the latest additions to the roster of fighters.

Lebron will be available for players to try out when the open beta goes live on July 26, 2022, while Rick & Morty will join the roster with the arrival of the game’s first season.

The most recent patch notes regarding the beta revealed that Iron Giant also joined the cast of characters, a new Steven The Universe map was made available, and local co-op with up to four players was added.

There were also plenty of other gameplay tweaks across different characters, to better balance out the game.

Lebron and Rick & Morty aren’t the only additional characters on their way of course, as other characters like Scooby-Doo, The Joker, and Scorpion are rumoured to be joining.

Source – [WB Games]