Mysterious Call of Duty trailer: What is Treyarch teasing?

Treyarch has released a mysterious new trailer titled ‘Origins,’ with the whole idea wrapped in the slogan, "Every story has a beginning…and an end."

This could mean many things, but probably points to one in particular–the final DLC for Black Ops 2. With Call of Duty: Ghosts just around the corner, it’s about time for Treyarch to wrap up what they’ve done with Black Ops 2 and move on to the next project. But what does this trailer suggest?

It shows an old creepy building, along with an ancient tomb door of some sort, and four characters. Most likely, this is something Zombies related. It’s Treyarch’s most popular mode and Origins just might be a return to the original map from World at War. However, something else is in this trailer that could totally squash the theory of zombies: mechs.

About midway through the trailer, after you hear some gunfire, running, and tiny glimpses of what look liks a trench, a giant mech robot stomps on you and reveals ‘Origins.’

Treyarch hasn’t provided any other information, but expect to hear about it on PSU as soon as it’s revealed.

What do you think Treyarch is teasing? Could this be Zombies with a twist? A new game? Let us know in the comments below,

Lazar Odic is a Staff Writer at PSU. He’s very passionate about the Call of Duty series, and hopes Treyarch is working on World at War 2. To hear more about his thoughts on Call of Duty, follow him on Twitter @Namdead.