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Mystic Messenger V Route Tips You Need

mystic messenger v route

Check out these Mystic Messenger V Route tips to win V’s heart in Another Story mode. Play V in Another Story mode last. This is because Casual and Deep story mode gives more background story that you need to successfully capture V’s love. Get to know more about V because there is more to his blue hair and charm!

Mystic Messenger V Route Background

Jihyun Kim, also known as V is RFA’s standing leader. And just like Yoosung, V also suffers depression over his fiance’s death, Rika. But he refuses to show it. V is a bit hard to catch in chat since he is often online. He is busy with his photography gigs and blindness. V is good friends with Jumin and they spent childhood together.

Behind V’s dark eyeglasses are his turquoise almost blind eyes. Rika’s violence hurt his eyes badly resulting to severe corneal damage. V is a very private and trustworthy person. V is a loyal person and refuses to give up on Rika even if she is delusional and violent.

Mystic Messenger V Route Tips

You need to be patient and attentive to get as much hearts from V. You need to show him more respect and he will slowly open up to you. Follow the tips below we got for you:

  1. First, trust him and encourage others to trust him also.
  2. Next, be involved and be kind to members of RFA.
  3. Then, grab any opportunity to disrupt the conversation and lead to V as topic.
  4. You should respect his privacy and others especially Rika’s and 707’s.
  5. Then, pay attention to V’s health and welfare.
  6. Ultimately, encourage V to treat himself nicely. You should also be nice to him and RFA members.

If you want to continue your romance with V, remember these don’ts:

  1. First, never flirt or say positive things about Ray.
  2. Next, don’t ask about V and Rika’s relationship or allow other to question them.
  3. Then, don’t be intimidated and aggressive with regard to V and the Savior.
  4. Don’t be controlling and pushy.
  5. Finally, never push the RFA to take revenge and hit out Ray and the Savior.

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