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Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route – Tips You Need To Know

mystic messenger yoosung route

Are you looking for a Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route guide? We’ve got one for you! Follow the tips and guide we’ve crafted to get as many hearts as possible from Yoosung. But first, let’s find out about another Mystic Messenger heartthrob character.

Who is Yoosung in Mystic Messenger?

Yoosung is one of the characters playable in the Casual story. He is a second-year college student and is a bit addicted to a game called LOLOL. Yoosung struggles to balance his time and often neglects his studies. He is Rika’s cousin and he cannot fully accept that she is now dead.

Yoosung is a simple and lighthearted person. He is nice and lovable but got depressed when Rika died. Though he is the shortest among all male characters, Yoosung charms ladies with his violet eyes and blonde hair.

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Do’s and Don’ts

Do the following to win Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route and collect maximum hearts from him:

  1. First, be kind to him.
  2. Then make sure to stay on his side each time he’s teased.
  3. Calm him down and make sure to maintain peace in the group.
  4. Next, respect his independence and let him choose his decisions.
  5. Be a supportive friend and give him only good advice.
  6. Finally, get lots of hearts from him.

However, if you do not like Bad Endings in your story with Yoosung, follow our tips below for each route days:

From Day 5 to Day 7

  1. First, don’t make him think that you are Rika
  2. Next, don’t accept to be Rika’s alternative.
  3. Then do not spoil him like a baby or puppy. You should make him a man.
  4. Finally, do not flirt with other members. But you can be nice to them though.

From Day 7 to Day 10

  1. First, don’t allow him to be depressed. Help him move on and recover from Rika’s death.
  2. Then don’t doubt RFA specifically V.
  3. Next, don’t overreact and don’t act like a VIP.
  4. Then, don’t forget to join and participate in 50% of chat rooms.
  5. Ultimately, don’t make Yoosung sacrifice himself just for you.

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