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Narrative Adventure Where The Heart Is Brings The Feels To PS4 Later This Year


Where The Heart Is, a narrative adventure from Armature Studio, is set to bring a heap of emotions and feelings to PS4 this Winter.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog as a part of the PlayStation Indies initiative, the game is a constant push and pull between the grounded reality and the ethereal. Environments can shift from gorgeous back gardens and hills to twisty, dark, and moody caverns and forests.

You play as Whit who gets lost in a cave and can’t find a way out. Then memories of his father create a new space to explore. Choices and consequences are at the heart of the game, with small choices being made in dialogue and gameplay sequences.

There is a ton more information you can read about the game on the PlayStation Blog. But, for now, you can watch the Where The Heart Is PS4 reveal trailer below:

This is the latest title from Armature Studio, who have produced games both big and small, like Recore, ARK: Survival Evolved, Duck Game, and Sports Scramble.

Where The Heart Is releases for PS4 this Winter.

Source – [PlayStationBlog]