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Need For Speed Heat Update 1.06 Patch Notes Revealed For PS4

Ghost Games has announced the Need for Speed Heat update 1.06 patch notes for your consumption. The update is available to download now on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, and weighs in at 8.38GB for Sony’s console.

Need For Speed Update 1.06 Patch Notes


Black Market Delivery

As touched upon in the Under the Hood article, the March Update features the first Black Market Delivery. Once you’ve launched the updated game, you’ll meet Raziel. He’ll give you a call to let you know that there’s a car waiting to be collected down at Port Murphy. That’s only the beginning – as you pick it up, Raziel will give you tasks, and as time goes on, you can unlock new character customization, vanity items and a body kit for that car.

Two cars are released with the March Update. The Aston Martin DB11 Volante ‘19 comes as a free addition, being a variant of an existing car. The second one is a brand new paid car, the McLaren F1 ‘93.

Along with unlocking new vanity items like the new Beat Sync underglow, you will also notice that you’re playing some new events. Once completed, you will be able to replay them outside of the Black Market Delivery.

Quality of Life improvements

Adjustable camera shake

  • We’ve added a slider to the options that adjusts the amount of camera shake while you’re driving. You can find it in the “Driving” tab in the settings.

“Game is not paused” Notification

  • When you’re accessing the game menu during online play, you will find a notification that the game is not paused while you’re playing online..

New item notification

  • Until now, when you entered the garage and unlocked new car parts, you would be prompted with a feed of the new items on the right side of the screen. It was easy to miss a part if you unlocked many at once, so we changed the way you are notified about new parts. From now on, when you receive a new item in the garage, you will find a yellow notification banner labeling the category, guiding you to the new part.

Vanity Items

  • You have more ways to customize your car. You can choose from a variety of themed decals, add a new underglow that is in sync with the beat of the music or customize the color of your car’s backfire.

Race visuals

  • We added more variations for the intros of both day and night races. When you win a race, you might also notice there are new victory poses.
  • When it comes to time trials, both your and the ghost’s car will now be shown ahead of the race.
Need for Speed Heat update 1.06 patch notes



  • Resolved an issue that could lead to the game hanging when restarting “Got your back” after the mission failed and you’ve been inactive for a while.
  • During “Breaking the Law”, the light effect that indicates an upcoming turn would sometimes remain visible even after taking the turn, which could lead to confusion when you were exposed to two active indicators at once. The guiding light should now be removed once you’ve passed it, as intended.


  • Added another checkpoint to the “Vertigo” event to prevent corner cutting through the park.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could lead to the game hanging after starting the “Snake Dance” time trial.
  • “Up Up and Away”: Jumping through the concrete tube should no longer reset the car mid-air.
  • Lifted up a few people in the crowd during “The Resort’s Circuit” intro to stop them from clipping with the ground.
  • The AI drivers will now follow the proper route during the “Sand in Eyes” off-road event.
  • Similarly, they will now jump over the ramps during the “Crazy Cowboy” event.
  • We tweaked some events that have checkpoints covering split roads. Sometimes the AI drivers would slow down unexpectedly when passing through these checkpoints, adjusting their speed when transitioning slightly off-road. They should stick to the road now, preventing sudden brake maneuvers and therefore incidents.
  • It was possible to get stuck under a trailer during the “Brotherhood Drive” drift challenge. We did some work on them to give you more space to pass through.
  • Added a challenge level to the “Steel Dragon” circuit race.
  • When you fall down from the monorail track during “Trail Rail”, you will now correctly be reset on the trail.
  • We’ve added some visuals to the finish line of “The Resort’s Circuit” to make it more obvious that it’s both a checkpoint and the finish line.
  • The AR icon of the “Aardvark” event is now at the event location instead of a few yards away.
  • When quitting the “Eagle” sprint race just after it started, the AI cars should no longer drive straight into the crane.
  • The crowd is now visible throughout the outro cinematic of the “Crossfield” event.
  • AI cars no longer spawn in the air when restarting “Voyager”.
  • Hitting a specific tree at high speed during the “Axiom” event will no longer result in your car falling below the map.
  • We removed a few barrels that could spawn a few turns into the “Scramjet” event.
  • We had a chat with one floaty boi who was hovering to get the best view during the “Ultra Sharp” event intro. He’s now cheering on the ground, where everyone can see him.
  • The crowd should no longer pop in and out during the intro of the “Bullet” event.
  • The event intro and the countdown timer should show consistently, even when restarting the event multiple times in quick succession.
  • You should no longer encounter large boxes in the middle of the road during the “Farah” event.
  • Made a small change to the outro cinematic of the “Drift Duel” event to prevent the camera from shaking.
  • Added spectators to the outro of the “Trouble” event.
  • Jumping into the water at a low speed during the “Ultra Sharp” event should no longer get you stuck in a reset loop.
  • The camera is no longer clipping through the ground during the intro of the “Jenny II” event.
  • Added the missing spectator crowd to cheer you on during the challenge level version of “The Resort’s Circuit”.
  • Removed the outro camera for the “Speedcheck” event, as the corridor is so narrow that the camera would clip through containers.
  • During the intro cinematic of “Reaction”, people in the crowd should no longer spawn inside your car. We get that they want to be close to you, but we had to set boundaries.
  • When inviting players to a High Heat event by selecting “Challenge All”, everybody will now have to have the required amount of Bank to start the event.
  • After selecting “Challenge All” for an event, waiting for a few players to accept, then driving away from the event interaction point while the other players are withdrawing, driving back to the event should allow you to select “Challenge All” again.
  • In the outro of the “Containers” time trial, the AI opponent’s car will no longer fall out of the sky.
  • When getting off track and restarting “Mountainside Maneuvers”, you should no longer start from position two.
  • Adjusted the camera during the outro of the “Heights” time trial so the player and the car are visible straight away. Previously, their view could be blocked by a parked car next to the event finish line.
  • The Speedwall info for the “Crazy Cowboy” event will now show user data as intended.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing visual artifacting at the bottom of the screen during night race intros.


  • When you’re busted with a Bank balance of over 10,000 but less than the fine you have to pay, the correct amount is now deducted from your balance.
  • The Rainbow nitrous tile in the customization UI in the garage is now showing rainbow colours instead of a plain white symbol.
  • High Heat events now show the event name in the event panel.
  • Players joining an Xbox party should no longer be muted by default.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the open world UI would be displayed during the outro of the time trial “Containers”.
  • The “Blackbird” event didn’t have a course preview on the map, so we added one.
  • Improved the visibility for the star icons next to activities on the map during daytime.
  • You should no longer see any empty message banners after completing activities.
  • When you’re accepting an invite for a Night event and then get involved in a cop chase, you’ll be notified that you won’t join the event. Furthermore when it’s you and one other player wanting to race, the event will be canceled, and an “Event canceled” notice will be displayed. If there’s more than 2 players and only you are getting involved in a cop chase, the event will start without you.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from using Russian or Arabic characters in the crew tag field when creating a crew.
  • When you scroll up in the player search screen, you should no longer scroll straight to the top, but scroll up gradually.
  • Inviting a player to a party in the game should show an invitation prompt on their end reliably.
  • The “Friends” tab in the snapshot gallery will now be empty when you don’t have any friends.
  • After escaping a cop chase in front of a safe house or garage, the prompt “End chase to enter” should correctly be replaced by “Enter Garage”.
  • Fixed an issue that would display incorrect rewards for some time trials in the info panel. This was only visual, you would still receive the proper amount of Bank after the event.
  • When you’re sending a party invite while Origin is in offline mode, you should no longer be prompted with “Invite Success”, despite the invite not being sent.
  • In the “Trouble” time trial event, when racing “GhostSpecial01”, the ghost car won’t get a head start anymore.
  • When swapping the X and O buttons via the PlayStation settings, nitrous activation should no longer occur when closing the map.
  • There was contradicting information in the UI about the reward for getting all collectibles in the Cloudbank district. The menu now correctly says “Red & Orange Wave Underglow”.
  • When you’re in an event start area during night and not involved in a cop chase, you shouldn’t see cop icons on your screen anymore.
  • Replaced the picture for the higher challenge levels of the off-road races with the correct one.

Cars / Garage

  • A set of stock rims for the Audi R8 V10 Performance ‘19 was a bit too small for the tires. We reworked them so there won’t be a gap between the rims and the tires anymore.
  • The tail lights and rear window will no longer pop as you’re hitting higher speed with the Audi R8 V10 Performance ‘19.
  • Slightly toned down the visual effects of the exhaust flames for the Audi R8 V10 Performance ‘19.
  • Decals will now be applied to the Speedhunters spoiler for the Audi S5 Sportback ‘17.
  • The Aston Martin DB11 will now show visual damage that reflects the status of the car’s health bar.
  • When equipping the convertible roof option on the BMW i8 Roadster ‘18, the windows will now be down.
  • The calipers no longer change when navigating through the brake disc menu of the BMW i8 Roadster ‘18.
  • When you’re driving around in a damaged BMW i8 Roadster K.S Edition, the spoiler will now be properly attached to the chassis and not floating when you’re jumping.
  • The wheels should no longer be flickering when you’re in a race loading screen with a BMW i8 Roadster ‘18 and holding down the acceleration button.
  • When customizing body parts of the BMW M3 ‘10, decals should now be constantly visible and no longer disappear when swapping a to certain rear fender, rear splitter or rear canards.
  • Moved the interaction point of the rear wheels of the BMW M4 Convertible ‘17 slightly so they’re in the correct spot when customizing the car.
  • Also adjusted the rear wheel interaction point for the BMW M4 GTS ‘16 Performance.
  • Fixed the visuals of some aftermarket wheel textures for the BMW M5 ‘18.
  • There was a small spot where decals applied to the rear window of the BMW M3 ‘10 would become distorted – fixed!
  • Reviewed the spoilers of the BMW M3 Evolution II E30 ‘88, so you should be able to apply decals to them properly now.
  • Realigned the NOS and backfire effects for the BMW M3 Evolution II E30 ‘88 when the DTM rear bumper is equipped.
  • When you’re equipping the convertible roof option to the BMW Z4 M40i ‘19, the windows will now be down.
  • Decals will no longer bleed into windows when applied to the side of the BMW Z4 M40i ‘19 and having the Speedhunters or The Alchemist roof equipped.
  • With the Speedhunters side skirt equipped to the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 ‘14, decals will now only show on the side of the car and not on the side skirts.
  • When you apply a color to the rims of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 ‘17 or Land Rover Defender 110 ‘15, the color of the rim of the backup wheel will no longer be affected.
  • Decals can now be applied to “The Alchemist” spoiler of the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport ‘17.
  • You can now equip a roof on the Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 ‘19.
  • When selecting the Carbon diffuser and Carbon splitter to the Dodge Challenger SRT8 ‘14, they no longer flicker when changing the camera angle in the garage.
  • Adjusted the spoilers for the Ferrari 488 GTB ‘15 so they behave as expected when driving around and jumping with a heavily damaged 488.
  • Carbon body customization for the Ferrari 488 GTB ‘15 should now be displayed with the correct texture at all times.
  • The underglow for the Ferrari F40 ‘87 now matches the shape of the car and is not overextended anymore.
  • When swapping the hood from custom to stock on the Ferrari LaFerrari ‘13, the doors will retain their physical appearance.
  • The interaction points for the left and right window of the Ferrari LaFerrari ‘13 are now properly aligned.
  • Polished the looks of the Ferrari Testarossa Coupe ‘84 engine hood.
  • Fixed an issue that affected the Speedhunters and Alchemist grille customization for the Ford F150 Raptor ‘17, so decals should apply properly across the parts now.
  • Decals now show correctly on the Alchemist spoiler for the Ford Focus RS ‘16.
  • Added an interaction point for the sound system to the Ford Focus RS ‘16.
  • Fixed an issue with the stock bumper and the sides of the Ford Focus RS ‘16, decals are now applied correctly.
  • The last “Americana” spoiler is no longer clipping with the splitters of the Ford Mustang ‘65.
  • You can now properly put decals on spoilers of the Ford Mustang Foxbody ‘90.
  • When equipping the Speedhunters rear wide fender on the Ford GT ‘17, you will no longer be able to see through the vent.
  • Decals can now be applied to the stock spoiler of the Honda Civic Type-R ‘00.
  • Realigned the NOS virtual effects for the Honda NSX Type-R ‘92 when you equip the Carbon diffuser and Speedhunters exhaust.
  • Moved the interaction point of the rear window of the Jaguar F-Type R Convertible ‘19 to the rear window.
  • When the Jaguar F-Type R Convertible ‘19 is damaged on the side, the wing mirrors should no longer be twitching.
  • Fixed an issue with the Speedhunters rear fenders on the Jaguar F-Type R Convertible ‘19 that would make them partially transparent when looked at from a specific angle.
  • Pressing the up arrow while having the front fenders of the Jaguar F-Type R Convertible ‘19 selected no longer moves the camera outside of the garage.
  • The window frame will no longer disappear when you drive around in a heavily damaged Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster ‘17.
  • The steering wheel should no longer clip through the window when steering right in the Land Rover Defender 110 ‘15.
  • Realigned the second set of rims with the third set of fenders for the Land Rover Defender 110 ‘15.
  • The rear axle will no longer clip through aftermarket rims for the Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR ‘15.
  • When entering and exiting the garage with the Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR ‘15, you will now be able to switch back to the bonnet cam showing the bonnet.
  • Decals can now be applied to both side skirts of the Lotus Exige S ‘06 properly.
  • If you equip the Chidori wing mirrors on the Lotus Exige S ‘06 and damage the car, the mirrors shouldn’t be shaking anymore.
  • Added an interaction point for the rear window of the Mazda MX-5 ‘96, so you can apply wraps.
  • When customizing the Mazda MX-5 ‘96 and trying to move from the left rear canard interaction point to the rear fender, you should no longer jump straight to the left rear wheel.
  • All diffusers are now displayed correctly when you’re in the customization menu of the Mazda MX-5 ‘96.
  • Resolved an issue that would show two different levels of detail of the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R ‘02 Coupe when the camera moved far away and then back, in photo mode or at very high speeds.
  • The spoilers of the McLaren 570S ‘15 will now behave as intended when jumping with a highly damaged car.
  • Fixed an issue with the Speedhunters wing mirrors for the Mercedes AMG A45 ‘16 that would cause the decal to be misplaced on the right mirror.
  • Also on the Mercedes AMG A45 ‘16, decals can now be placed across all of the “The Alchemist” front bumper.
  • Added the BBS rear rims for the Mercedes AMG C63.
  • When you equip the first Mansory front fenders option and either the Mansory or Mercedes-Benz rear fenders, the side skirts will now show correctly when driving the Mercedes AMG G 63 ‘17 and moving the camera.
  • Decals applied to the spoiler of the Mercedes AMG GT R ‘17 will now also affect its base.
  • When customizing the Mercedes AMG GTS Roadster ‘19, the roof interaction point should now be completely visible as the camera should snap to a better spot than before.
  • The Mercury and Speedhunters side skirts are now showing different models as intended when customizing the Mercury Cougar ‘67.
  • When the Speedhunters rear fenders are equipped to the Mercury Cougar ‘67, black-metallic texture applied to them is now shown at all times.
  • When applying the second diffuser option to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX ‘07 while having the “Vortex” bumper equipped, the diffuser will no longer adapt the paint job of the car.
  • Decals can now be applied to the stock spoiler of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X ‘08.
  • The wing mirrors of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X ‘08 are no longer floating when you’re driving around while the car is heavily damaged.
  • We aligned the headlight flare with the Rocket Bunny headlight modification for the Nissan 180SX ‘96.
  • You can now apply decals to the Nissan spoiler and the Bensopra rear bumper for the Nissan GT-R Premium ‘17.
  • When applying decals to the Nissan GT-R Premium ‘17 front bumper and front fender, the decal can now be applied to the entirety of the respective parts. Before, there was a small segment that would always show the paint and no decals.
  • Reworked the backfire VFX for the Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec ‘93 so it will only show in the intended area.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the bumpers of the Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec ‘99 was transparent in one spot when looked at from a specific angle.
  • Decals will now properly apply to splitters and spoilers for the Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R ‘71.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Speedhunters exhaust to adapt the decal applied to the top section of the Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R ‘71.
  • Removed the side skirt and trunk lid interaction points for the Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R ‘71 as there is only one option available for both parts.
  • Touched up the looks of the rear window for the Nissan GT-R Nismo and Nissan 370Z Nismo so they are displayed consistently, regardless of camera distance when accelerating and braking.
  • Set the correct location for the right and left window interaction points when customizing the Pagani Huayra BC ‘17.
  • When applying decals to the Porsche 718 Cayman GTS ‘18, the decal applied to the right window should no longer blend into the left window.
  • Similarly, decals applied to the left window of the Porsche 718 Cayman GTS ‘18 will no longer appear in the corner of the back right window.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent decals to be applied to Splitters for the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR ‘73.
  • Added the missing sound system interaction point to the customization menu for the Porsche 911 GT2 RS ‘18.
  • Made it easier to navigate to the license plate interaction point of the Porsche GT2 RS ‘18.
  • When you equip the first aftermarket option for the tail lights on the Porsche 911 GT3 RS ‘19 and exit the garage during night, the lights will now have the correct tint instead of shining bright like a diamond.
  • Decals on the left side of the Porsche 918 Spyder ‘15 should no longer be stretched when applied near the rear fender.
  • Decals applied on the left window of the Porsche Cayman GT4 ‘15 will no longer bleed into a small area of the back right window.
  • Added the missing sound system interaction point to the Subaru BRZ Premium ‘14 customization menu.
  • When equipping the Tex rear fender on the left side of the Subaru Impreza WRX STI ‘06, it will no longer be carbon by default.
  • Also for the Subaru Impreza WRX STI ‘06, the carbon fiber material applied to some parts will no longer flicker when looked at from specific angles.
  • You can now adjust the tint of the windows for the Subaru WRX STI ‘10, and the stock version isn’t completely opaque either.
  • Also added the missing sound system interaction point for the Subaru WRX STI ‘10.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause decals being partially displaced on the side of the Volkswagen Beetle ‘63 when using the “The Alchemist” front fender.
  • After putting another roof on the Volvo Amazon ‘70, you can now revert back to the stock roof option.
  • Fixed an issue that would prompt you with a “Sell Failed” message instead of selling your car.
  • When driving a time trial against the ghost of a Polestar, the taillights were pretty solid as you would expect from a normal car. Now it blends into the ghostly appearance of a time trial opponent.
  • Fixed an issue that would lead to tires clipping into the ground in the showcase screen when equipping air suspension.


  • A rare issue could lead to the game world not rendering correctly after reaching Heat level 5. You should no longer see the road disappearing under you, and you should also see the garage correctly after transitioning through the loading screen.
  • One combination of hair and hat was looking warped in the game, so we fixed the hat.
  • Adjusted the belt of a mask so it doesn’t clip through a beanie.
  • When applying a specific haircut to your character, it should now correctly display even when you’re in a car. Before, there would be a small patch of hair missing.
  • During a specific outro sequence after a race event, the player character should no longer clip through the car while sitting next to it.
  • After completing the first day race event, Lucas’ subtitles are now in sync with the voiceover.
  • The reflection of your car in the transition screen when entering the garage during daytime should now be displayed consistently.
  • Character models should no longer clip through clothes during night race intros.
  • When you were playing chapter 3 while having the game set to Korean, you could notice a chunk of subtitles displayed at once instead of being split into multiple pieces – we fixed that.
  • Resolved a rare issue that would allow you to see a party member in day time, despite them driving at night time.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera could clip through the wall when you were driving through one of the entrances to Palm City Raceway.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some rims to flicker in the customization menu until a different coat of paint was applied.


  • Audio changes made in the Accessibility settings will now take effect without having to access the audio settings tab.
  • VOIP should now work more reliably when forming a party.
  • When scrolling through the character head slot customization menu, the correct sounds should now play for all items.


This is a very extensive list of changes to the world. There are a lot of minor tweaks for LOD issues, or instances where you could go to the middle of nowhere and drive through a rock because it was missing a collision volume. Then there’s buildings that were missing an entrance and other fun things.

We h3ided this into sections, as there’s a bunch of changes related to three different categories.

Collisions: We have tweaked some collisions. When we talk about collisions, we’re usually talking about your car hitting any other object in the environment, sometimes even another car. Or being able to drive your car into objects or below terrain, as the textures are not matching the collision models.

Reset points: This second category includes instances when your car would reset, when the game would think that you’re out of bounds. Most of these occurrences were in very specific places far off the busy streets, and not places you would frequent during races or challenges.

Visual: The last category covers changes that are mainly or purely visual. Slightly misaligned textures, floating vegetation, houses that are just slightly too high or low compared to the ground.


  • You can now drive between the pillars and the front of a building next to a billboard in Downtown Palm City.
  • Fixed a collision issue in Southern Rockville, where you could drive into the wilderness and disappear underground. It was a good hide & seek spot.
  • Added collision to a concrete wall surrounding a parking lot in Mendoza Keys. That should prevent some water-related incidents.
  • Another rock was reworked to have proper collision in Grenada Wetlands.
  • You should no longer get stuck between two trees in Blackwood Heights.
  • Polished a spot next to the Palm City Raceway to prevent you from becoming stuck on a ramp near the flamingo collectible.
  • Added collision to a small tree in East Sandpiper Forest. Now that physics will affect it: Please don’t hurt it.
  • Reworked physics for beach huts so their destruction feels more natural.
  • A bunch of barrels at the end of a bridge in Mendoza Keys are now smashable.
  • We touched up the collision volume of a rock in the Northeastern area of Frontera Hills.
  • There’s a loading ramp near the border between Edgewood Valley and Sandino Ranches which you could get stuck under, which should no longer happen now.
  • Removed an invisible collision near a cliff in western Blackwood Heights.
  • A bunch of bushes in Grenada Wetlands will now be properly flattened when you drive through them.
  • Added missing collision to some stairs in Downtown Palm City, so you can no longer drive into them.
  • There was a cement block next to a railroad track in Frontera Hills that was missing a collision. To make your life easier, we lowered it a bit more into the ground, as it was the top of a pillar.
  • Reworked a few ramps in Mendoza Keys and the Palm City Raceway to prevent damaging the car when driving over them.
  • When you were looking for a billboard in Sandino Ranches, you would likely end up on the roof of a building. Now your car will properly collide with the pipe on the roof when you hit it.
  • The tent next to the “Late for Work!” speed trap in Frontera Hills is now destructible.
  • We fixed a missing collision box for a rock in the wilderness of Southern Cloudbank.
  • Also Cloudbank, different spot: Adjusted the collision model of a rock.
  • When you’re trying to explore the very edge of the map on the north side of Rockville, you could get stuck in an invisible object. That should no longer happen – but we’re still curious what you were looking for in that area.
  • The bridge fence next to the “Seaside Speeding Ticket” in the Westside district should be less of a hard stop – if you don’t run into it full frontal.
  • Removed a small spot on a sidewalk some cars could collide with during the “Larry” event.
  • Added collision to a tree in Fairview Fields – which doesn’t mean you should drive into it!
  • You should no longer be able to get stuck under a loading ramp in eastern Edgewood Valley.
  • Corrected the collision model of a rock in Rockville, the collision volume was a bit larger than the actual rock.
  • Reworked a small tree in Port Murphy that was previously indestructible.
  • Reduced the collision of a barrier on the side of a road in Cloudbank.
  • We don’t know how you find these specific scenarios, but here goes: When you park two cars in a narrow space between two containers near the Palm City Raceway garage, in a way that they slightly overlap due to the lack of space, and then have someone hit one of the cars with enough force, that car could be yoinked below the map at an incredibly high speed, and the game could hang when trying to respawn the car. This should be resolved.
  • If you were skillful enough, you could reproduce a similar issue we fixed: Driving backwards in between two cars, and hitting them in quick succession could make your car disappear. Nice party trick, but you had to restart the game as you couldn’t move.
  • Added a few boulders to an area in Rockville so it’s locked off, as intended.
  • Reduced the collision model of a storefront in Sandino Ranches, so you can smoothly drive under the marquee.
  • Reduced collision on the edge of a ramp during the “Up Up and Away” event to match the visual boundaries.
  • Improved the collision model of a rock in the coastal area of Mendoza Keys to prevent you getting stuck there.
  • The tree next to the “I’m not a jump!” speed trap in Downtown Palm City is now breakable.
  • There’s a huge advertising board showcasing the stores in the mall in Edgewood Valley. You could drive past it, but would take damage at high speeds, despite not hitting it, we adjusted the size of the collision volume to match the texture volume.
  • For whatever reason you might have tried that, but it was possible to get stuck in the fence around the Palm City Raceway. The fence has been reworked in parts and should not tangle around your axles anymore.
  • Adjusted collision to match the storefront of a cook house in Fort Callahan.
  • Going off the road that’s part of the “Proton” event should be less of a bumpy ride than before, as the terrain now behaves as even as it looks.
  • You should no longer be able to become stuck under the pipes at the rocket launch pad in Cape Castille, even with low rides.
  • You can now freely navigate on and off the path next to a building in Cape Castille.
  • In Mendoza Keys, you can find “The Teal Fin Inn”, a famous spot in Palm City. We reinforced their promotional sign so you can no longer drive through it.
  • A junk pile in Blackwood Heights can now be driven over from all sides.
  • You shouldn’t be able to drive into a rock on the west side of Port Murphy anymore.
  • Reworked a rock in Mendoza Keys so you can’t drive into it anymore.
  • Added a collision volume to a few small pillars in central Downtown Palm City.
  • You should no longer get stuck between a cargo train and a tanker rail car in Frontera Hills.
  • Two rocks near the edge of the map in Rockville now have a proper collision model.
  • Added missing collision to some metal wires behind the gas station in Fairview Fields.
  • You can no longer drive through a part of a bridge in Grenada Wetlands.
  • AI cars should no longer experience a collision when traversing an intersection in Cape Castille.
  • The spawn location of a parked AI traffic car was slightly below ground level. This would result in the engine trying to resolve that conflict by catapulting it into the air. It made for a fun sight, but we still decided to move the spawn location up slightly.
  • You shouldn’t be able to get stuck under a bridge in Sandpiper Forest anymore
  • More collision fixes: We ground a wall in Port Murphy next to an oil tank so you can drive alongside it a bit smoother.
  • We adjusted the weight of some forklifts, so they will slow you down as you would expect them to, when hitting them at high speeds.
  • We ground the inside of a tunnel in Fort Callahan, so you should experience a less bumpy ride when driving into the wall. Except for when you smash into it full frontal.
  • A building in Frontera Hills has a step in front of its entrance. You were able to drive through this step before, now you can properly drive over it.
  • You should no longer get stuck on top of a ramp inside the Palm City Raceway, despite your tires touching the ground.
  • Touched up a wall in Fort Callahan so you shouldn’t bounce off it when just touching it slightly.
  • We revisited an area in Frontera Hills and made a few changes so you shouldn’t be able to become stuck between a tree and a rock anymore.
  • Removed an invisible collision from a street in Port Murphy, south-east from the safe house.
  • We added collision to a hedge in Mendoza Keys. When you drive through it, it will be properly deformed now.
  • You should no longer be able to get stuck on a dock in Port Murphy.
  • There was a nice little area in Port Murphy around the docks where you could hide from the cops because they got stuck on a solid barrier. You should no longer be able to get to the area where they can’t follow – but there’s still enough jumps and containers around.
  • Ironed out some edges when landing after a jump during the “Up Up and Away” event.
  • Although it looked like a car would fit, you just couldn’t drive in between the back of a building and a fence. The area is now visually blocked, as it is supposed to be inaccessible.
  • We added collision to a rock at the edge of a mountain in Frontera Hills, so you can’t just drive through it anymore.
  • When driving through Cloudbank and wrecking a bunch of solar panels (rude – it’s a good energy source!), the bottom part of the solar panel pillar will now also be destroyed.
  • Removed an invisible blocker from a concrete wall in Fairview Fields.
  • Added proper collision physics to the metal railing near a billboard in Western Grenada Wetlands.
  • Your car should no longer clip through the edge of the steel bridge in Rockville.

Reset points

  • Driving into a spot between a pile of wood, a metal pillar and a wall in Port Murphy no longer resets your car.
  • Removed a reset point between a shed, a wooden building and a trailer in Sandpiper Forest.
  • Fixed an issue where you could access an out of bounds area in Mendoza Keys.
  • We removed a reset that would trigger when driving between a trailer and a wooden residential building in Sandino Ranches.
  • Similarly, in Edgewood Valley, this should no longer occur when driving through a part of a barn or a hay shelter near it. Or a barn in Frontera Hills.
  • Removed a reset point in Port Murphy, between a metal fence and an electric pole.
  • Crashing and flipping your car in the concrete tube during the “Up Up and Away” time trial won’t reset you below the concrete tube anymore.
  • During the “BayClock” time trial event, your car should no longer be reset during the last jump.
  • Cleaned up a few spots around BayView Park that are now properly part of the road network.
  • Touched up an area in Port Murphy near the docks, removed two small pillars so you no longer get stuck or reset in an area that shouldn’t have been out of bounds.
  • Driving off the road between two barriers next to a bridge in Westside will no longer reset your car.
  • Removed a reset trigger from in between two trailers in Frontera Hills.
  • Added a reset trigger to an area that should be inaccessible, but can be reached by jumping far off a ramp in Port Murphy.
  • We doubled down on an issue we fixed in January: Landing on top of an otherwise inaccessible building and wrecking the car in the process – the transition of resetting the player car should now be even more reliable.
  • When using the ramp to jump across the water and collect a billboard in Bayview park at a very high speed, you should no longer be reset mid-air.
  • Cleaned up a reset area close to the Cloudbank safehouse.
  • Fixed an area near the bridge in Eden Shores that counted as “out of bounds”, where you could get stuck in a reset loop despite just stopping there to take in the scenery.
  • Removed a reset trigger in between a house and a mobile home in Frontera Hills.
  • Driving up stairs in Port Murphy to collect a decal will no longer reset your car.
  • Patched up a few small holes in the road network in Eden Shores.
  • Same thing was fixed on a part of the golf course in the Westside district.
  • Removed a reset point next to a cargo vessel in Port Murphy.
  • Your car will no longer reset when driving between a parked van and a ramp in Edgewood Valley.
  • Cleaned up an out of bounds location in Fort Callahan when driving in between a residential building and a bridge.
  • Adjusted the collision model of the concrete structure leading up to the rocket launch pad in Cape Castille.
  • Driving on the high end of the base of the building just north of the “Downhill is Better” event will no longer reset you.
  • Added a reset volume in a spot where you could previously drive into the riverbed in Western Fort Callahan.
  • Fixed a reset issue between a set of stairs and a building in Sandino ranches.