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Need for Speed release date leaked?

The release date for the new Need for Speed title on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has apparently been leaked via a listing on the official Xbox website.

According to the listing, the reboot of the venerable racing franchise will hit stores on November 5, 2015. Note that while this comes from an Xbox website, the date still applies to the PS4 version of the game, as both versions are sure to arrive on the same day as with any other major release. 

What’s worth noting however is that the day in question is a Thursday, which likely pertains to the Euroepan release date. As such, expect the U.K. release to arrive the following day, and the U.S. version on November 3, which is a Tuesday. 

Need for Speed was announced last week, with publisher Electronic Arts stating it is not a sequel to the popular Underground spin-off series. 

Expect more details to drop on the game at E3.