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Neverwinter PS4 Update 12.10 Drops With New Campaign & Adventure Zone

Cryptic Studios has lifted the wraps off the Neverwinter update 12.10 patch notes for your to digest, which comes with support for a new campaign and adventure – Menzoberranzan. Read up on the latest Neverwinter patch notes below.

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Feature Highlights

New Campaign & Adventure Zone: Menzoberranzan

Word of a cure for Lolth’s affliction has spread throughout the Underdark, deepening the rift between those loyal to the Spider Queen and the Blaspheme who defy her. Threats of civil war and chaos loom over the Underdark, and Jarlaxle Baenre seeks to preserve the peace as long as possible. However, Malagdorl Armgo of House Barrison Del’Armgo has other plans in motion. In an effort to gain Lolth’s favor, he seeks a long forgotten artifact with the power to destroy the Blaspheme. With nowhere else to turn, Jarlaxle reaches out to Sergeant Knox in hopes that the brave Heroes of Neverwinter will answer his call in Menzoberranzan.

Further Information can be found at Neverwinter: Menzoberranzan – March 28!

New Trial: Gzemnid’s Reliquary

The Beholder god Gzemnid has taken residence in the Underdark where he schemes to take control of the Eye of Odran in order to tap into the Illithid Hivemind. Within his lair, he accumulates artifacts of power and subjugated creatures while gathering information on potential threats to his plans. A distinguished adventurer such as yourself has certainly garnered his attention.

Further information can be found at Developer Blog: Gzemnid’s Reliquary Trial.

Companion Updates

We’ve taken a more comprehensive approach to address underperforming and overperforming companions. The overall goal was to bring the top tier performers more in line with one another and increase the effectiveness of underperformers and niche role companions. By standardizing the combat formulas used, we can ensure future companions and current companions both remain desirable and effective.

Further information can be found at Official Companion Balance Changes Feedback forum thread.

Mount Updates

The new module introduces the new 4-slot mounts along with preferred slots and new Insignia Bonuses.

Highlights can be found at Upcoming Mount and Insignia Bonus Updates forum thread.

New Lockbox: Lolthian Lockbox

The goddess Lolth commands devotion from her Loyalists, but equally driven are the rising number of Blaspheme. Amongst the brewing civil war, a new lockbox emerges. The unique prizes to the Lolthian Lockbox are:

The Ebon Riding Lizard mount which has Combat Advantage and Awareness aura, as well as a combat power that increases Combat Advantage and Defense for all allies and Accuracy for the player.

Blaspheme Assassin, a companion whose Player Bonus Power grants Spiteful Presence, increasing necrotic damage and Critical Severity.

Further information can be found at Developer Blog: Lolthian Lockbox!

New Battle Pass

As Heroes of Neverwinter venture into the dangerous streets of Menzoberranzan, a new Battle Pass will provide them with much needed aid! Dark dealings are afoot in the Underdark, and Lord Neverember has once again opened the Protecter’s Enclave Vaults to worthy adventurers who will bring glory to Neverwinter.

Further information on can be found at Dev Blog: Precipice of War Battle Pass!

Known Issues

  • A button to summon a random vanity pet is currently visible in the vanity pet inventory tab. This button will be temporarily removed in an upcoming patch, with the summon random feature available in the future.
  • [PlayStation Only] The new free storefront pack is currently not available on the PS Store. We hope to have it available soon.

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • The following Achievements will no longer be tracked in the ‘Dungeons’ section of the Achievement tab, they will now appear in the ‘Legacy’ section.
    • Cragmire Crypts
    • Dread Vault & Dread Vault (Epic)
    • Into the Never & Into the Never (Epic)
    • Lair of the Mad Dragon & Lair of the Mad Dragon (Epic)
    • Throne of Idris & Throne of Idris (Epic)
    • Wolf Den

Campaigns and Adventures

  • Elemental Evil: Fire cultists in the Hard to Reach Elemental Evil instance will no longer chase down players back to the respawn point.
  • Ravenloft: Vistani Merchants in Barovia will now respawn correctly.


  • Imposing Gaze is no longer cleansable, it was never intended to be so.
  • Demogorgon’s HP has been increased by 10% (Master only)
  • Demogorgon’s Lashing Tendrils damage has been increased by 10% (Master only)
  • Black Portals will no longer cleanse Goristro’s Rage (Master only)

Future Events

  • Day of the Dungeon Master: Flabbergast’s Foot Race will no longer break when a player crashes or logs out while waiting for a race to start.
  • Protector’s Jubilee: The Foreign Merchant has departed the Stronghold as that quest is no longer offered.
  • Siege of Neverwinter: A bug that caused mission completion to display incorrectly has been fixed; completion will now display as a percent instead of an integer.

Combat and Powers


  • April Fowls: When in the April Fowls Dungeon and playing as the Sneaky Scratcher, the Bok Attack daily no longer causes Double Peck attacks to deal 0 damage.


  • General
    • Many companion area-of-effect powers with a cap of 5 maximum targets have had this cap increased to 10+.
    • Many companions with small melee ‘cleave’ arcs have had those arcs increased / improved.
    • The potency of some companion heal powers (but not all yet) has been substantially increased
    • Many companions with self-targeted heal powers now stand closer to their summoner, to increase the odds they will hit them with their heals.
    • A 20% damage increase has been added to most combat companion powers, but this will mostly be felt in companions that were previously underperforming.
  • Known Issues
    • Not all companions were caught in this update.
      • Expect additional updates to more companions soon.
    • Heal and Shield powers are only used after their target (usually the summoner) has taken a certain amount of damage.
      • We are looking at changing this AI behavior.
  • Specifics
    • The companions listed in the Companion Updates Patch Notes have been specifically looked at for the NW.285.20230311a.3 patch, and have had at least a balance pass, and possibly other bug fixes.


  • The Flash Freeze Enchantment stated it had a 10% chance to apply but was actually applying 100% of the time due to a bug. This bug has been fixed but we have also increased the chance to apply to 20% and the duration to 8 seconds.
  • The Fortified Nature Enchantment has now has its effect modified. The Defense, Awareness, and Deflect per stack has been increased to 3%, and they now no longer expire when the character reaches 5 stacks. The HP recovery portion of the Enchantment has been decreased to 5%, and can occur once every 30 seconds, when the character maintains 5 stacks.


  • Pegasus & Armored Pegasus: The Magnificent Inspiration and Grand Inspiration Pegasus mount buffs were never intended to stack, and have been added to the same stacking group. The most recently cast buff will now overwrite any version already applied to a character
  • Fallen Angel Wings now properly modify Ruthless Efficiency and Explosive Equalizer based on their quality.
  • The Legendary Reconnaissance Balloon’s Legendary Balloon Bombardment Power no longer grants double its damage bonus.
  • The Rabbit Hole mount power no longer affects CC immune targets.

Items and Economy


  • Juma the Free: Further enjoying his new-found freedom, Juma is no longer stuffing his bags full of Abyssal Chickens.
  • Rejuvenation Potions
    • Rejuvenation Potions have been rebalanced to be competitive with Healing Potions and benefit from the same boons.
    • Stores now carry Rejuvenation potions and sell them at new, higher ranks.
    • Stores will now only display max-rank potions at Level 20.
    • Chests that rewarded Rank 9 Healing Potions now reward Rank 10 Healing or Rejuvenation Potions.
  • The spectral loot chests at the end of the instances, ‘Death Forge’, ‘Dread Spire’ and ‘Phantasmal Fortress’ will no longer take your gauntlet without giving a reward. The gauntlets no longer take up regular inventory space but now appear under the Useful Items tab of your inventory, similar to chest keys.


  • Unbind tokens can no longer be used on the following artifacts:
    • Jewel of the North
    • Neverwinter’s Standard


  • The following now properly unlock within their Collections entry. This is not retroactive and only applies if the item is in your inventory or changes state.
    • Special Companions should now unlock in collections whenever your character obtains any version of that companion.
    • Charm of the Serpent Epic Rank.
    • Icosahedron Ioun Stone Companion.
    • Faithful Initiate Companion.
    • Werewolf Companion.
    • Rat Pup Companion.
    • Mounts and Companions from the Reaper Choice Packs.

Descent into Avernus

  • Genie’s Gifts have been added to the Descent into Avernus Campaign Store.


  • April Fowls: Bird Seeds earned from April Fowls and April Fowls questing can no longer be sold for copper.

Legacy Campaigns

  • Legacy Campaign Heroics missions have been updated to use current standards of percentage-based completion requirements. The affected missions will need to reset because of this change so we apologize for any inconvenience.

Northdark Reaches

  • Dark Maiden gear can once again be purchased from the Northdark Reaches Campaign Store.


  • PvP Store Updates: We have made certain items in the PvP (Glory) Store more accessible.
    • Banners no longer require Battlefield Artifact Seals to unlock; they can be purchased directly with glory.
    • Banner glory cost decreased from 40,000 -> 10,000.
    • Bloodcrystal Raven Skull glory cost decreased 24,000 -> 5,000.
    • Jagged Dancing Blade glory cost decreased 14,000 -> 2,500.
  • Vanguard’s Banner description now correctly states that it increases enemy damage taken, which has always been its effect

Rage of Bel

  • The amount of charge that can be stored in the Adamantine Amulets used by the Order of the Riftwardens has been increased from 20% to 50%.
  • The hitpoints and damage of Bel’s Warlords have been reduced.
  • Bel’s Warlords will now always spawn during an incursion.
  • The chance that Rods used to upgrade the Forger’s Box will drop from their various locations has been increased.


  • Seal Traders in Avernus, Sharandar, Undermountain, Vallenhas, Chult, Ravenloft, and Protector’s Enclave no longer have an option to “View Equipment for Other Classes”, as Seal Gear is Bound on Pickup.

Zen Market

  • New, four-insignia slot mounts have been added to the Zen Store. Non-event three-slot insignia mounts have been removed from the store, and now can be obtained from other locations within Neverwinter.
  • [PlayStation Only] PlayStation players who have purchased the Astral Deva pack from the PlayStation Store will now be able to claim the Astral Deva from the Zen Market.

User Interface


  • The “dance” emote command will now trigger the “dancefolk” emote.
  • Recommended party size is now displayed under the mission name.
  • Protected status is now displayed on slotted insignias.

Inventory Updates

  • Binding status has been added as a filter option.
  • A Trial Currency category has been added to the Special Currency display.
  • The number of bag slots in the Materials Satchel has been increased from 240 to 300.
  • April Fowls: Bird Feed and Bird Feathers are now displayed in the Riches tab under Event Currencies.
  • April Fowls: Bird Feed and Bird Feathers now have a maximum cap of 500.


  • Mail from one character to another within the same account can no longer be deleted if there are items attached to the mail. This was done to prevent players from accidentally deleting valuable items that they send from one of their characters to another (mail with items from other players can still be deleted)


  • The following mounts will no longer display the message “You may only have one of a unique item” when acquired multiple times:
    • Frozen Polar Bear
    • Lord’s Armored Polar Bear
    • Suratuk’s Teal Crag Cat
    • Neverwinter Champion’s Charger
    • Stormraider Clydesdale
    • Heavy Worg
    • Green Glazed Giant Crab
    • Suratuk’s Copper Strider
    • Suratuk’s Green Strider
    • Gelatinous Cube
    • Halaster’s Whirly Whirlwind
    • Suratuk’s Teal-cracked Fey Wolf
    • Suratuk’s Blue Strider
    • Nostura’s Winter Stag
    • Suratuk’s Red-lined Fey Wolf
    • Teal Stained Gorgon
    • Suratuk’s Banded Fawn
    • Raptor
    • Verdurous Lion
    • Blue Glazed Giant Crab
    • Sapphire Bulette
    • Emerald Glazed Giant Beetle
    • Ochre Bulette
    • Triceratops
    • Suratuk’s Fire Fawn
    • Suratuk’s Blue-Spotted Spider
    • Azureous Lion
    • Vert Stained Gorgon
    • Suratuk’s Darkfish Fey Wolf
    • Blue Glazed Giant Beetle
    • Suratuk’s Tropic-Colored Spider
    • Suratuk’s Ruby Strider
    • Carmine Bulette
    • Eku’s Titivated Lion
    • Electric Tiger
    • Onyx Horse


  • The Fight of the Fowls queue is now under the Event category.

Character Art, Animation, and Effects


  • Wings of the Court Fairy Shirt are no longer visible when riding the Bore Worm mount.