Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation expansion comes to PS4 MMO

neverwinter tomb of annihilation

The Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation expansion for Cryptic Studios’ popular MMO is due for release on PS4 tomorrow, September 12, 2017.

Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, Neverwinter community manager, Sebastian Jung, reveals the storyline confirming that a “a strange disease that turns the people of the Sword Coast into undead reaches you” and players will need to “ Gather a crew of living legends, charter the most famous ship of the Realms, and set sail towards danger and adventure!!”

In the Tomb of Annihilation DLC, players will head to the jungles of Chult and brave the most dangerous of dungeons which is full of deathly traps and hidden secrets.

Other features include the ability to explore the temple and the jungles of Soshenstar, experience new crafting recipes and resources, new artefacts and tribal maps.

Neverwinter has amassed over 15 million players since its launch on PC in 2013. The PS4 version launched in 2016. Neverwinter PS4 maintenance is not expected to affect the servers tomorrow, but the game has suffered frequent outages, so prepare to be patient!

For full details, check out the PlayStation Blog and check out our Neverwinter Omu treasure maps.