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Neverwinter Update 10.00 Out Now With New Adventure Zone, Key Changes

Cryptic Studios has unleashed the Neverwinter update 10.00 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which adds a brand new adventure zone into the mix as well as various key gameplay changes. Read up on the latest Neverwinter patch notes below.

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Feature Highlights

New Adventure Zone: Dragonbone Vale

Deep in the Sword Mountains, the Cult of the Dragon prepare a foreboding ritual. Explore an all-new area on foot and with a grappling hook, and aid the Shield of the North in thwarting the cult’s schemes.

Read more about Dragonbone Vale here:

Through continued effort in the Dragonbone Vale campaign, players will be able to unlock a new 10-player Trial. Face the might of the dracolich Palhavorithyn and the lich Valindra atop the mountain lair known as the Crown of Keldegonn!

Refinement and Enchantment Changes

The refinement system has been updated so that enchantments are slotted on the character sheet, rather than on specific gear, which now allows them to be affected by loadouts. The enchantments themselves have also changed, with a trade-in to exchange the old enchantments for currency, with which you can buy new enchantments. These new enchantments individually have significantly higher Item Level than the old ones, with fewer overall slots to fill.

In order to smooth out the transition, any character who logs in within the first four weeks after Dragonbone Vale goes live will automatically have powerful temporary enchantments slotted. These will expire after about a week (online or offline). Previously-slotted enchantments will be sent through in-game mail.

Most upgradeable enchantments and artifacts now have an upgrade chance of 0%, but Mote items can now drop in-game which are slotted like Coalescent Wards to increase the upgrade chance. Coalescent Wards are now Coalescent Motes, to match.

There are many more changes; you can read more about the updated Refinement system and enchantments in-game with the “What’s New” section of the Home page, or read the original feedback post on the Preview forum here:

Zen Market: Mounts and Companions Clean-up

In an effort to lighten the wall of options available in the Mounts and Companions categories of the Zen Market, a significant number of these mounts and companions have been made unavailable for purchase. Players who had unlocked them for free reclaims will still be able to reclaim them.

All mounts and companions removed from the Zen Market with this change are now available as rare drops from many end-of-queue chests. (Some were already available this way.)

Known Issues

Character Art Visuals

Ancient Scalebreaker’s Barbute is incorrectly invisible on male dragonborn characters.

Refinement and Enchantments

The new enchantments currently cannot be donated to the Gems category of the Stronghold Coffer. While this is correct for reclaimable versions of these enchantments, we plan to allow donation of enchantments earned through gameplay or purchase.

Release Notes

Content and Environment


Ebon Downs: Fires at Home: A ghost no longer T-poses menacingly.

Neverdeath Graveyard: The Missing Doomguides: If the player is defeated and respawns after interacting with a banner, the Battle Wight no longer ends up attacking the player from a dead-on-the-ground pose.

The Frozen Heart: In the story version of this instance, the HP of the Rimefire Golem and Hrimnir have been significantly decreased.

Throne of Idris: The story version of this instance no longer has an enemy that can fight the player through a wall.

Various typos and grammatical issues have been addressed.


Drakes now count toward dragon slayer achievements.

The in-game achievement, “Fallen Tower Jumper,” can now be completed by leaping into a portal from the Moonstone Mask island in Protector’s Enclave.

The in-game achievement, “Pew Pew Pew,” can once again be completed.

The in-game achievements, “The Pilgrim” and “The Primal One,” can once again be attained through the Chult campaign store. See the Items and Economy section for details.


Icewind Dale is now properly available at level 20, up from level 19. The Start Campaign button should now properly function.

Protector’s Enclave

Jerrod Glint is now solely in the Adventurer’s Guild, rather than there and the Auction platform.

Merielle Begum now has her own tent in the auction yard.

Protector’s Enclave now has a persistent “Appointment Event Vendor,” so that players no longer have to wait for the next run of Hell Pit, Harvester of Nightmares, or Siege of Neverwinter if they have currency they wish to spend. An icon should be visible on the map.

Various couches and chairs in the Moonstone Mask now have sit interactions.

Reaper’s Challenge

Daily Reaper’s Challenge queue resets now match the standard daily reset time for repeatable quests and other similar features.

Fangbreaker Island: The queue description now properly describes the correct modifiers.


Feast of Lanterns: New Lunar Festival animal coins will now display with other Event Currencies, and will expire a few months after the event completes.

Feast of Lanterns: Mochi and Niangao can now be purchased in bulk.

Combat and Powers


Demogorgon’s Reach: Rot no longer stacks between players, and no longer has additional stacks for different ranks of the artifact.

Deck of a Few Things Artifact has been adjusted, and now properly reduces enemy damage.

The Deck of a Few Things Artifact tooltip was incorrectly stating that it grants reduces enemy damage dealt by 30%, while in reality it was reducing enemy damage by significantly less than 1%. As such, the Deck of a Few Things has been adjusted to actually reduce enemy damage.

The tooltip has now been updated to display the correct damage reduction values, which caps at 15% at Mythic Quality.


Construction Details: The Stable now correctly lists that it unlocks/upgrades the Critical Strike Bonus boon instead of the Critical Severity Bonus boon.

Construction Details: Stat value increases for each rank of Defense Bonus and Critical Strike Bonus boons have been corrected.


The Werewolf companion now properly states that it grants Critical Strike instead of the obsolete Life Steal stat. (The companion properly gave Crit Strike prior to this tooltip change.)

Item Powers

Differing ranks of Potions of Dragon Slaying no longer stack.

Differing ranks of Scroll of Protection from Dragons no longer stack.

Voodoo dolls: Batiri, Dino, Undead, and Yuan-ti dolls now properly kill their targets.

Enemies and Encounters


Bone Golems once again properly attack in the following locations:

Ebon Downs (outside the Throne of Idris)

Acquisitions Incorporated Basement

Drowned King’s Barrow

The Forgotten Vault

Cult of the Dragon: Archers: Aimed Shot now deals 20% less damage.

Temple of the Spider: Enemies can now properly reach players in the center of the final boss platform.

Queued Content

Assault on Svardborg: Manticores no longer stop attacking in the midst of combat.

Caverns of Karrundax: Karrundax’s HP has been slightly increased.

Cloak Tower: Throg the Ravenous is now immune to Crowd Control effects.

Enemy ratings have been increased, and an additional Dragon Chest has been added, for the following dungeons:

Caverns of Karrundax

Cloak Tower

Pirate King’s Retreat

The Frozen Heart

Several queue descriptions have been adjusted to more accurately reflect their rewards.

Items and Economy


Bag of Ten Towns Treasures: This item now awards 1,000 Voninblod, increased from 100.

Genie’s Gifts can now be exchanged in the appropriate campaign stores for Cloaked Ascendancy, Jungles of Chult, and Ravenloft campaign currency.

Malabog’s Castle: Krol Nightforge, King Malabog, and Fulminorax no longer drop Seals of the Dark Fey.

Mount Collars: Unified Crescent, as well as Practical Regal, Crescent, and Barbed collars now properly give Combined Rating equal to their item level.

Pilgrim and Primal gear can now be purchased from the Chult campaign store, using Chultan Riches. The gear is unlocked through campaign progress.

Shards of Empowerment no longer show an incorrect drop location.

Shards of Empowerment and Shards of Greater Empowerment no longer have an Item Level.

The Gauntlgrym Supplier in Mantol-Derith now offers wares for Astral Diamonds, instead of the discontinued Alliance Supplies currency.


The Capped Seal is now Seal of the North.

The Capped Seal’s Maximum Limit has now been increased to 1500, up from 1200.

The Capped Seal’s Weekly Cap has now been increased to 500, up from 400.

Random: Trial Queue now grants 15 Seals of the North per run, with an additional 35 as a daily bonus.

Random: Advanced Dungeon Queue now grants 20 Seals of the North per run, with an additional 60 as a daily bonus.

Queue Rewards

Dungeon-specific keys have been discontinued from the Wondrous Bazaar, and now Skeleton Keys can be purchased instead.

Skeleton Keys can open Dragon Chests in any dungeon.

Old dungeon keys can be exchanged at the Antiquities Scholar for the new Skeleton Key.

“On Madness” can no longer drop from Demogorgon.

User Interface


Certain gear icons have been updated to properly match the look of the items in-world.


The “Require Ward to Upgrade” option has been removed.

Performance and Stability


Various improvements have been made to graphical performance and stability.