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New Animal Well Trailer Revealed As Creator Dives Into The Game’s Origins

Animal Well was originally revealed to be an interesting looking side-scrolling game with the kind of eerie sense to it that makes you want to keep exploring further.

Now almost a year after that original announcement, we have another new trailer that shows some cool looking gameplay moments and more of the eerie setting we saw the first time.

On top of that, the game’s creator and sole developer Billy Basso went into more details about the game’s origins, in a new PlayStation Blog post.

“Until last year, I had been toiling away in obscurity on a game about exploration, mystery and animals for four years,” he began.

“After announcing Animal Well on PlayStation Blog and then showing it at Day Of The Devs during Summer Game Fest, I’m still toiling away, but in somewhat less obscurity.

When Dunkey announced that his new indie games publishing label Bigmode would be publishing my passion project, it went to the top of many people’s most anticipated game’s list.”

Basso continues to talk about his upbringing, and how he feels everything he’s been through gave him the skills he needed to develop Animal Well.

“Various interests came and went, but the one that remained consistent through it all was a deep fascination with video games. They were utter magic to me, and I loved them as far back as I can remember.

It wasn’t until after I graduated that I realized all my hobbies were just an attempt to understand some individual aspect of their creation. I was zoomed in on the details, unaware of the larger picture.”

Source – [PlayStation Blog]