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New Batman Game Reveal Coming By June At Latest – Report


The long-rumored new Batman game from developer Warner Bros. Montreal will finally be announced in June or possibly earlier, according to a new leak on Reddit.

New Batman Game Reveal Due Soon

The poster states that the Dark Knight’s next outing is the next big internal project for WB Montreal, and says that it’ll launch later this year. Here’s the full scoop:

I hardly know anything about this game and I’m not gonna make anything up. Announcement is still coming in June or MAYBE sooner. When it comes to Rocksteady and Harry Potter I don’t know what the case is now but Batman is WB’s next big ‘internal’ release (not counting Cyberpunk 2077*). It has to release this year and it has to be announced in June.

I can’t offer more info than that but I promise you that I know that they contractually need to announce this game by June regardless of E3’s cancellation. You’ll see for yourselves very soon.

The new Batman game has been rumored for years now, and is supposedly a soft reboot of the Arkham saga. No official announcement has been made yet, but it sounds like it’s only matter of time right now.