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New Boxing Game For PS4 and Xbox One Promises Lifelike Graphics

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Great news, fight fans! There’s a new boxing game in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC that’s due to be revealed very shortly.

Speaking exclusively to PlayStation Universe, game investor Jamie Docherty and publisher Falcon Interactive, tell us that Round 4 Round Boxing will be showcased via a movie-like debut trailer in the next couple of weeks.

Round 4 Round Boxing will be the UK studios’ first console game and will be developed internally. At this point, the new boxing game is in its early stages and is partially funded with plans to fund the rest of the game by bringing on more shareholders, or via a Kickstarter campaign.

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New Boxing Game Is Full Of Ambition

According to Jamie, there’s some ambitious plans for Round 4 Round Boxing, which include:

  • Realistic life-like graphics
  • All weight classes
  • Spectator Mode
  • Unique soundtrack from a rap artist

We also know a bit about the game modes. Round 4 Round Boxing will feature a single-player mode, World Championship Mode, Historic mode and an Amateur three-round championship. More modes will be announced shortly.

You can listen to the official song of the boxing game below.

“I see a need for a new boxing game and I see many complaints and people begging for a game, so I do hope everyone gets behind it,” Jamie told PSU.

Falcon Interactive have published over 170 games via the Google Play Store. However, they’re also behind an upcoming off-road racing game called Arizona Derby. The developer is planning to drop a new trailer for the racer shortly, and following its early release on Steam will launch the game on PS4 and Xbox One.

arizona derby
Arizona Derby coming to consoles soon.

This may give us a clue to the original rap soundtrack for Round 4 Round Boxing. Arizona Derby’s soundtrack is by young rap star, Burton MC, and each song in the game is written exclusively for the game. We’d expect to see something similar for Falcon’s new boxing game.

Other Boxing Games Coming To PS4

Fight fans have been wanting a new boxing game for consoles since the days of Fight Night Round 4 and Fight Night Champion on PS3. Currently, we know there’s a Floyd Mayweather boxing game in the works, though details are yet to be revealed.

Recently, we also went hands-on with Creed: Rise to Glory which is coming to PlayStation VR later this year.

As soon as the first trailer lands for Round 4 Round Boxing, we’ll let you know! In the meantime, check out the official website to take a look at some of the former boxers who are backing the game.

  • I’m fully supporting this game and three other boxing titles. Hard Knock Nights Live, Project Boxing and Cryptoboxers

  • xspike_spiegel

    If it’s Childish Gambino doing the soundtrack I’ll pre order.

    • A soundtrack has to have variety and have a realistic feel to it. I don’t want one artist especially no Childish Gambeino

      • xspike_spiegel

        Cool story bro.

        It says in the list “a rap artist” so you might want to give this a miss if you need it to be “realistic” and have variety. What does realistic even mean for a soundtrack? Lol

        • Realistic soundtrack to what boxer might come out. It looks stupid when somebody like Muhammad Ali, Foreman or an old school boxer comes out to music not from their era, especially in a scenario in which they fight in their era.

          • xspike_spiegel

            That’s going to be hard to do with all the clamping down on copyrights. Their going to have to pay a fortune to use actual music from that time.

            From reading the article, sounds like you’re going to need to get Spotify and make your own soundtrack. As the game they did this before they made exclusive music to the game.

          • I actually communicate with the founder and an investor two to three times a day. I didn’t invest to much thought into the music of the game but since this post it made me think about it. I have friend in the industry and hope they don’t out price themselves. I’m a fan of mid 80’s to mid 90’s more. I going to push for overall variety of every era.

          • xspike_spiegel

            Cool story bro. If the tone is anything like this I’ll take a pass.

          • You don’t want overall variety? You want boxers coming out to music that doesn’t make them in real-life? I talked to a staff member and the game is going to have more than one artist.

          • xspike_spiegel

            Just the vibe I get from you. If the creators are similar then it’ll bleed into the game. This conversation has completely removed the little hype I have for this game from reading the article.

          • Jive?!? Explain, please. You rather this game be unrealistic and arcadey?!? I’m confused.

          • xspike_spiegel

            When did I say that? You keep asking “do you want it this way??” Ugh… I said who I thought would be good. And you come in all high and mighty because you “know” the developers. If they are like you, a pretentious bag of ass and make the game a piss on people who want a fun refreshing take on the genre, meh, I’ll pass……

          • I apologize if you think I was being a certain way; I wasn’t it hard to really understand the emotions behind a post. I actually referred your suggestion of an artist in. I am always for the fans be it gaming or boxing. I was an EA (Fight Night)Senior Moderator and Community Leader and the majority of the forum members loved me or respected me; again I apologize for any misunderstanding.