New Destiny 2 activity revealed, has you hunting for lost treasure


Bungie confirmed on Kotaku’s E3 2017 podcast that it will be introducing a new Destiny 2 activity known as Flashpoints. 

These events will see Guardians flown to specific planets, where you’ll battle against pre-determined enemies or uncover valuable loot by pursuing treasure maps you acquire in-game.

Destiny 2 flashpoints explained

Flashpoint can be tackled solo and will reward you with high-level loot, which Bungie says is roughly the equivalent to Destiny’s Nightfall reward scheme. Game director Luke Smith also said that players will also bump into other gamers along the way, and that there will be certain activities going on within Flashpoints, similar to opposing enemy factions scrapping it out with each other.

Bungie moved the Destiny 2 release date forward at E3 to September 6, 2017, meaning we’ll get it a few days earlier than expected. The game will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC version arriving in October. Destiny 2 takes place following a crippling attack on the Tower by a Cabal unit known as the Red Legion, with Guardians having lost all their loot and gear from the previous game—in other words, you won’t be transferring all your hard-earned gear to the sequel. 

There’s plenty of new features coming to Destiny 2 outside of Flashpoints and prettier visuals, however. Bungie is revamping the multiplayer to focus more on 4v4 battles, and the game’s open-world has been greatly expanded to accommodate more side quests, known here as Adventures. Guardians will also have access to plenty of new exotic goodies and brand new Super abilities to boot. 

Destiny 2 also features a new matchmaking-style feature known as Guided Games, although you won’t be able to rely on it for high-end Raids. The game will also support PS4-exclusive content through fall 2018, with the Destiny 2 beta kicking off this summer.

Source: Kotaku