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New Extended Forspoken Trailer Breaks Down Gameplay, Shows Off Open-World

A new 10-minute long gameplay trailer for Forspoken breaks down the gameplay that players can expect, while also showing off more of the open-world, with areas like Cipal, Praenost, and Avaelot showcased.

The trailer goes over combat, exploration, interacting with NPCs, all while showing off more of the game to add to what we’ve already seen.

It also shows how combat sections will be graded for style, a-la Devil May Cry. A fitting addition, as the magical combat in Forspoken continues to look more bombastic and colourful with each trailer.

You can check out the full 10-minute long gameplay overview for yourself, right here.

Back in March, we learned that Forspoken had been pushed back from its expect May release, to October. But then last month, we learned it was delayed again, with a release date now scheduled for January 2023.

Much of the aura of mystery which surrounded Forspoken when it was first revealed as Project Athia has dissipated by now, after two delays and plenty of other showcases of gameplay.

With release still months away, hopefully excitement will be able to build once more, in time for launch.

Source – [Square Enix]

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