New Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots revealed

It’s safe to say that there’s been radio silence when it comes to news regarding Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake – until now, that is.

Coming by way of a presentation at Magic Monaco 2017, Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Tetsuya Normura shared two new screenshots of the much-anticipated episodic adventure giving us a small glimpse into how things are shaping up.

The first screenshot, seen below, details the game’s first boss battle with the Guard Scorpion, and to be fair it looks a far cry from the 1997 original, with plenty of colourful particle effects on display.

The second is a little more innocuous, with our hero Cloud shielding himself behind a crate whilst a Shinra soldier unloads a clip in his general direction.

Final Fantasy VII remake release date

It seems as though things seem to be coming along quite nicely, though, we’d venture to say it’ll still be a long time until we have our hands on the first part of the purposed trilogy. We’ll go out on a limb and say the mid-to-late 2018.