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New Haven PS5 Gameplay Invites You To Explore, Fight And Relax

The Game Bakers has unleashed a fresh batch of Haven PS5 gameplay, breaking down the three key components that make up the experience — exploration, combat and prepping your next expedition.

Haven PS5 Gameplay

Speaking on the blog entry, the studio revealed that it is aiming to reinforce the feeling of being a couple when it comes to exploration and traversal in Haven. Exploring is tied directly to Flow threads, which packs your boots and gauntlets with Flow, a natural energy used to power everything in the world.

In addition, this power can be used to eliminate Rust, which is a corrupt red crust that affects the planet and its various creatures. Resources are also crucial, with food, medicinal plants and materials used for combat or to repair your spaceship, the Nest.

Combat happens in real-time, but you charge orders by holding buttons. Sometimes you have to react quickly to shield yourself, sometimes you have to time an attack performed by both characters, and sometimes it’s better to chain attacks, one weakening the creature and the other dealing the heavy damage.

Haven has yet to attract a release date on PS5.