New inFAMOUS details surface

New details on Sucker Punch’s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive InFAMOUS have surfaced in the latest issue of US gaming publication, Game Informer.

The highly anticipated sandbox title was first unveiled at Sony’s E3 2007 press conference, though aside from a debut trailer, little information has been revealed on the game up until now.

Below is a summary of details contained within the magazine.

-Describing the beginning of the game, the issue states, "inFAMOUS begins with a serene, panoramic skyview view of Empire City on the title screen, with the words "press start flashing"… once you push start, a massive explosion rips through the heart of the city. Six city blocks are consumed by flame…in the center, a man named Dylan staggers to his feet."

-The main character, Dylan, initially starts off apathetic, with no clue as to where his powers come from.

-Dylan can scale building and take shelter in the unlikeliest of places

-Developer Sucker Punch Productions is aiming to utilize simple controls to do “not so simple things.”

-Empire City consists of three Islands

-Following the explosion, the city is thrown into chaos and put under quarantine. Gangs are soon formed.

-Dylan’s abilities will evolve as the game progresses, with the developer stating, "The hero’s powers and the storyline are in support of the gameplay.”

-Dylan will not be able to utilize firearms as his powers are “always on,” meaning he would essentially ignite the gunpowder contained within the bullets. As such, your powers can complicate matters within the game world.

-The game will feature “villains” who wield their own unique powers, in addition to regular foes who also have access to powers of some degree.

-Sucker Punch is aiming to create a game where events unfold naturally for the player, thus inFAMOUS will not function in a similar manner to other open ended games.

-As an example, the player could be on their way to disarm a bomb, when the spot a woman in distress in the middle of the street. The choice will be up to you – do you help or proceed with your current objective? Every decision you make will affect the world around you, hence the term, infamous.

-A Karma system will be in place to aid the player in keeping track of his or her actions, and will also have an impact on how your abilities develop over time. Citizens may fight with you or against you depending on what actions you take throughout the game.

Stay tuned for more information on inFAMOUS as it becomes available.