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New Mod Shows Bloodborne Running At 60FPS On PS5

YouTuber and modder Lance McDonald once again reinvigorated hopes that one day, we could perhaps see Bloodborne running at 60FPS on PS5, by publishing a video showcasing just that.

The game is running at 1080p, with “no upscaling or interpolation” as McDonald puts it in the video description, it’s just pure gameplay. For six whole minutes, you and every other Bloodborne fan can get a glimpse at what could be.

McDonald showcases one of the game’s earliest boss fights against Father Gascoigne, and a slightly later part where you run into a horde of enemies, some hurdling flammable oil towards you, dogs chasing you and others simply running at you with anything sharp they picked up.

You can check out the video for yourself, below.

This also isn’t the first time McDonald has dove into beefing up the frame rate, though previously it has been on the PS4 Pro. This is the first time we’re seeing what could be on a PS5 version of it, and even without any kind of resolution bump, it looks incredible.

Bloodborne is a very fast-paced game, like all FromSoftware titles you’ll need to learn enemy patterns, but even then you’re still required to make split-second reactions.

Hopefully both PlayStation and FromSoftware can work out whatever is stopping them from working on a Bloodborne remaster, and we can all play what is one of the best games released in the last decade at its best.

Source – [Lance McDonald]