New playable Gundam demo for the PS3

Bandai released a new Gundam demo for the PS3 at the Playstation Meeting in Tokyo yesterday. Bandai confirmed that the E3 video consisted of pre-rendered footage designed to resemble what a PS3 game might look like, but yesterdays Gundam demo is the first example of a fully playable PS3 demo (that is, a demo where you actually control a character). The game is still very early in development which would explain its some-what grainy washed out look.

After entering the game from the title screen, the player, who played using a Dual Shock 2 controller, (yes a DS2, maybe now some people's fears of having to use the PS3 "Boomerang" will be put to rest) was able to move his Mobile Suit (which was a Zaku class for any body who is not a Gundam buff) in formation with 3 other mobile suits. The mobile suit could turn and shoot in any direction. The particle effects from the Mobile Suits hail of gunfire was rather primitive, but it was to be expected this early in development.

At the end of the demo, an enemy Gundam came out and blew apart one of the player's teammates. The player was then able to blast the enemy, bringing an end to the demo.

Judging by what Bandai has accomplished wit the Gundam game so far it appears that the still have a long way to go, but the future is looking very bright for Gundam in the future.