New Prince of Persia given soft release date

With the recent announcement of the latest edition in the Prince of Persia franchise, Ubisoft has gone ahead and confirmed a soft release date for the title.

The game is shooting for a scheduled release during the third fiscal quarter of this year. For those of you who would prefer specific months, that’s anywhere from October to December.

Though this latest installment is being created by the same team that brought you Sands of Time, the title will play no role in that storyline whatsoever. Instead, the game will see you take the same path as Okami/Shadow of the Colossus in which you’ll be attempting to heal your surroundings.

The Prince will come equipped with a spiked glove that will enable him to perform the stunts that are required to move forward. Much like we reported previously, there will be an emphasis on one-on-one battles to bring a more personal feel to the gameplay.

With Ubisoft holding their companies Event Day at the end of this month, (May 28/29) you can probably expect more information to surface around that date.

Stay tuned.