New PS4 hardware could be a golden surprise for gamers

ps4 gold

Sony has yet to announce any new PS4 hardware, but an image has surfaced on the web claiming to be a box shot of a new PS4 1TB Gold model.

There’s zero indication of the source of the shot, which appeared on Imgur earlier today with the title “New Gold PS4 Slim 1TB”, but potentially it could be something we see revealed at E3 2017 at the Sony press conference in just a couple of weeks.

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Currently, the only way to make your PS4 gold is by buying a gold-colored skin, though you can pick up golden DualShock 4 controllers. There were also limited edition gold PS4 bundles available, but if this is true this will be the first Gold PS4 slim. The SKU number of the box "CUH 2015-B" refers to a PS4 slim.

As we head to E3, there’s some big rumors doing the rounds, some more believable than others. For instance, there’s been growing speculation about the announcement of a new Sony handheld, perhaps the PS Vita 2, or another gaming device to combat the successful launch of Nintendo Switch.

All eyes are on E3 2017!