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New PS5 And DualSense Console Bundles Spotted Online

New PS5 console bundles were spotted online before quickly being taken down, which include a console, either the digital or disc-drive version, with two DualSense controllers instead of one.

The bundles seemed to have gone live earlier than they were meant to on an Australian EB Games website, though they weren’t taken down before Twitter user Zuby_Tech was able to spot them.

A second DualSense controller is often purchased with a PS5 in the first place, so a bundle like this isn’t surprising to see, and it’s likely that it’ll be available in all regions sooner than later.

Sony after all has been having a great time selling PS5’s, after just recently hitting 30 million consoles sold and announcing that the manufacturing issues that had plagued available stock are over, and anyone who is looking to get a PS5 should have no trouble doing so, at a retail price.

A little more than two years after launch, we’re finally coming to a place where you can walk into your local big-box tech store and see a PS5 on the shelves.

It’s definitely taken longer than anyone would have liked, but it’s good to finally be at this point.

Source – [Zuby_Tech via VGC]