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New PS5 Pro GPU Details Reportedly Leaked

ps5 pro specs

While we’ve still yet to get any official word from PlayStation about a PS5 Pro, there’s been a bevy of information around the unofficially incoming console from multiple sources.

The latest comes from Digital Foundry, who report that the graphics processing unit (GPU) in the professional-grade PS5 will have a max clock speed of 2.35Ghz and a standard speed of 2.18GHz.

Digital Foundry also reports that the L1 cache for the GPU has doubled from 128KB to 256KB. The L0 cache has also doubled according to DF, from 16KB to 32KB, all of which is meant to help the new console handle ray tracing at a higher performance ceiling.

While all of these details technically remain unofficial, it’s worth noting that Digital Foundry has been a key source of information regarding the PS5 Pro, so it would be odd for them to misstep at this point.

The best part about this news though is arguably that it’s here, from Digital Foundry – as secretive as the games industry is, a consistent trend remains that the closer you are to a big announcement, particularly new product launches, there’s plenty of unofficial details swimming around that, only in hindsight feel like it was telling the reveal came shortly after.

Of course the problem with that way of thinking is that only works when you can study the past, but we’re also a day and a month away from Summer Games Fest 2024, and while PlayStation does its own thing, it still consistently places a showcase or direct event around the annual June E3 cycle, like plenty of other big publishers.

Source – [Digital Foundry]