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Rumour – Resident Evil 9 Won’t Be Announced This Summer, And Resident Evil Zero & Code Veronica Remakes In The Works

There has been a number of rumours flying around regarding the Resident Evil series and what Capcom will be doing next. Plenty of those rumours trace their origins to leaker Dusk Golem, who has previously been right in predicting what’s to come with the series.

Now however Golem is attempting to correct the record on part of the rumours, while introducing new ones. Firstly, Golem addresses their claims that Resident Evil 9 will be revealed sometime this summer.

That is not the case, says Golem, who apologizes for the “back-and-forth” on this topic. Whenever the real happens, Golem now claims it is “further away” than this coming summer. Resident Evil 9, or whatever it will be called has now been pushed back to “late 2025/2026,” says Golem.

Golem also claims that rumours around there being a remake in the works for RE1 are false, as a rumours that a Resident Evil 5 Remake is coming.

Where Golem inserts a new rumour however, is with Resident Evil 0 and Code Veronica, as he claims there are remakes for both games in the works.

While Capcom has previously denied that there were plans for a Code Veronica remake, plans can always change, and it could be the hopes of many a fan and Claire Redfield actor are coming true.

There are multiple Resident Evil projects in the works, that much we know because that’s just how Capcom has operated for years now, to great success. For now though, with Resident Evil 4 Remake done and dusted, it’s still murky as to where Capcom will go next.

Source – [Dusk Golem on Twitter]