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New Report Alleges Dead Space Remake Will Launch Late 2022, If Development Is On Time


After EA’s Q1 earnings call yesterday, industry insider Jeff Grubb hinted that he may have some information as to the release of the Dead Space Remake, since when asked about it the response from Andrew Wilson and others was that it is “a ways out” – well according to Grubb, that means late 2022.

Grubb reported the news through website VentureBeat, where he sites sources familiar with development regarding this updated release window. Grubb also states that EA will be showcasing more about the game before the end of the year, rather than go silent until the calendar turns to 2022.

It should be worth noting that without any official comment from EA on whether or not the game will be released in late 2022, this should be taken with a grain of salt. It certainly makes sense, and a release in October-December 2022 is definitely possible but we’ll just have to wait and see.

The other factor is simply that a 2022 release could be the current window that internally the company is aiming for, though a delay is always a possibility, even more so lately with all the setbacks and reverberations the industry will continue to feel from the pandemic.

Source – [VentureBeat]