New Star Wars: The Force Unleashed info

Some fresh details of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has emerged from the booths of CES.

Apparently, the boss battles will be immense bouts, which will incorporate some God of War style context-sensitive button mashing to rack up bonus points. Hopefully this will result in some impressive custom lightsaber and Force action that makes you feel awesome.

Also, there will be customisation options for your character and lightsaber, but there will apparently be no double edged or dual wielding affairs. Even though there’s a pair of light-tonfa in a piece of concept art.

The game is supposedly coming along very nicely, with the crazy physics and AI being coupled with mass Force use very nicely. Here’s hoping for some Force-pull-down-an-Imperial-Star-Destroyer action in the game. Even if it’s just for the hell of it.

Stay tuned.

Source: Ars Technica