New The Last Remnant trailer entices, but game delayed on PS3

Really Square Enix? The disappointment just keeps flowing today as yet another Square Enix title goes to Microsoft, this time in the form of a timed exclusive. That’s right, The Last Remnant, a title originally assumed to launch simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, has been delayed on Sony’s system. As of today, The Last Remnant is set to launch on 360 this winter with a PS3 release window to be announced at a later date.

Microsoft continues to monopolize the previously PlayStation-preferenced publisher despite the 360’s near-total failure in the region of Japan. With Star Ocean’s future hazy on PS3 and Infinite Undiscovery a confirmed 360 exclusive, we imagine Square Enix must have received a more than hefty payment from the Microsoft corporation in order to keep supporting 360 so avidly.

As a consolation prize, a beautiful trailer full of stellar production values and talking lizards has just been released for The Last Remnant. Honestly though, watching it only makes the knowledge of a delay that much harder. Regardless, we’ve embedded it below.