New Uncharted 4 details emerge, ‘crazy new tech’ and Photo Mode confirmed

Naughty Dog has shared fresh details on its highly anticipated PlayStation 4-exclusive, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Speaking in a Q&A during the reveal of the extended E3 2015 demo, Uncharted 4 Co-Lead Game Designers, Kurt Margenau and Anthony Newman, confirmed that the action-adventure sequel will include an improved Photo Mode, similar to The Last of Us.

While E3 has wrapped, the team is still working hard on improving the gameplay that was shown. An example is that the jeep’s speedometer was capped at zero the whole time, which is something Naughty Dog is fixing. The jeep is also something the studio has been wanting to incorporate into Uncharted for a while now.

The stage shown in the demo itself was from later on in the game, at which point the player will be well accustomed to the game’s controls. The studio stressed that Uncharted 4 won’t necessarily be darker simply because it’s being headed by the same team who brought us The Last of Us. Rather, the franchise has simply matured.

In terms of size, Naughty Dog hasn’t yet determined how long Nathan Drake’s swansong will be, but nonetheless feels it is the biggest game in the series to date. Uncharted 4’s multiplayer will be exclusive to those who purchase the upcoming Nathan Drake Collection, and is still targeting 60fps. The campaign will run at 30fps as previously stated.

Sam Drake, Nate’s brother, is considered his equal both physically and mentally, and shares many similarities with his sibling. Furthermore, voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North share great chemistry in their respective roles.

Elsewhere, working on The Last of Us has allowed the California-based studio to create more open levels, while the new rope feature was added as a natural evolution of Uncharted’s gameplay fluidity. Drake himself also boasts more ragdoll physics this time around, and is backed up by a heap of ‘crazy new tech,’ says Naughty Dog. 

Uncharted 4 is due out in spring 2016. Read our E3 2015 preview here.