Nier: Automata release nears as director says the scenario is ‘poop’

nier release date

Nier: Automata release in just a few days

Yoko Taro, Director on Nier: Automata has posted an entry to the official PlayStation blog that answers a very specific question. The question in…well question?

The original Nier has become a cult classic, but what does it mean to you, and what were your goals for the sequel?

Taro answers by stating that, “When I created Nier, it was getting harder to create games within the business structure of the company that I was working for at that time, and I thought to myself ‘This is so tiresome, maybe I’ll just leave the company.’ The concept document that I wrote at that time, thinking that it would be my last, was the prototype for Nier.”

He continues, “Everyone at PlatinumGames who developed this game respected the previous title and created a spectacular game for us. I was in charge of the scenario, but it’s all poop so I don’t want you to expect much from me.”

That being said, Nier: Automata is looking pretty good and I personally can’t wait to play it regardless of the “poop” statement.

Nier: Automata releases on March 7 on the PlayStation 4 and PC and introduces a new system for buying trophies, some of which are pretty pervy. PS4 Pro support is confirmed with 60FPS and 1080p resolution. The action role-playing game from Platinum Games and Square Enix takes place thousands of years after the original game, on a post-apocalyptic Earth where a war between the remnants of humanity and the machine army of invaders from another world rages.

Stay tuned for the Nier: Automatata review.