NieR introduces controversial new PS4 feature – the ability to buy Trophies

nier trophies


Square Enix’s upcoming action-role-playing game, NieR: Automata, appears to be introducing a brand new feature that allows users to buy Trophies.

Trophies are usually earned by completing certain objectives in games and there’s a huge community of competitive folk that love to get their hands on that elusive Platinum Trophy, which you get for completing all Trophy objectives in each game.

This is the first time in any PlayStation game that a developer has added the option to buy Trophies. According to Reddit user youkatei, who is currently playing the Japanese version of the game, you can only buy Trophies on your third playthrough, and it’s only with in-game money, not real money.

We kind of like the idea, though you may want to unlock this particular Trophy yourself. The amount of times we’ve grinded our way through a game just to get a Platinum, and frankly wasted our time repeating tasks over and over again, is shocking. The ability to just buy some Trophies to complete the collection is certainly appealing, though now that Square has set the ball rolling with this idea, how long will it be before we can buy Trophies with real cash?

Nier Automata launches on PS4 on March 7 in North America and March 10 in Europe.

Note: The ability to buy Trophies has not officially been confirmed by Square Enix.