Nioh: Summoner’s Candle and other important items to guide you

nioh summoners candle

Battling through the evil hordes of Nioh can get taxing, especially if all you rely on is melee combat. Nioh provides a plethora of items that will definitely help you in your journey. Some of these times will even help you figure out mechanics and give you options you didn’t even know you had. Here are some of the more important items you utilize throughout your playthrough of Nioh:

Summoner’s Candle: These rare items provide one of the most important benefits for those who fall in combat often. Using a Summoner’s Candle’s will allow you to summon your Guardian Spirit from the location you fell in. By using the Summoner’s Candle you will be able to recover your Guardian Spirit and all the Amrita you lost from your death without having to run all the way back to where you fell in order to collect it.

Book of Reincarnation: This book can be bought from the Blacksmith and allows you to reset all your skill points and reverts your level back to zero while also giving you back all the Amrita you have spent so far. This essentially allows you to rebuild your character from scratch if you don’t like the way he is turning out for you. It’s pricy but it’s definitely worth it.

Locks of Hair: These are rare drops and come in various forms. When you collect a lock of hair it will indicate whether its a Ninja’s lock or Onmyo Locks along with others. When consumed these locks of hair will give you and (X) amount of skill points for that particular skill tree. It’s a great way to get extra skill points without having to level up.

Himorogi Branch: This branch is one of the most important items in Nioh. When used it allows you to leave the level you are in and returns you back to the over map without losing any of your Amrita. Nioh doesn’t do a good job of explaining that once in a level the Himorogi Branch is one of the only ways to get out of a level without completing the level first.

Travel Amulet: The Travel Amulet works kind of like the Himorogi Branch but instead of allowing you to leave a level it simply transports you back to the last shrine you used in the level. It’s a good item to use when you feel you are in bind or just need to restore some elixirs and level up at a shrine.

Salt: Salt is amazing in Nioh and helps a lot in tough battles. When used Salt does tremendous damage to a Yokai’s KI allowing them to easily be stunned. This is a great item to keep on hand during boss battles who can take a beating when when they’re out of KI.

These are some of the essential Nioh items to watch out for in Nioh and can make life a little easier for those having a hard time. For more in depth help with boss battles check out our boss guide videos and the Nioh review