No Man’s Sky 1.07 update live on PS4 as refunds get granted

 The No Man’s Sky 1.07 update is now available to download on PS4. Weighing in at 671MB, the latest No Man’s Sky patch will fix some of the current bugs in the game.

no mans sky spaceship

No Man’s Sky 1.07 patch notes

Patch notes have yet to be released by Hello Games, who are working to try and iron out 100% of all the bugs in the game, while adding further improvements to the gameplay experience.

No Man’s Sky refunds

According to numerous sources (including Reddit and Gadgets 360), Steam, Amazon and Sony U.S. have been refunding some gamers who want their money back following their disappointment with the game’s overall performance. Note: we have no idea whether Sony will grant refunds for everyone that requests one. 

No Man’s Sky is a space-based exploration game in which players can visit billions of planets in a procedurally generated universe. The main bulk of the gameplay involves harvesting resources on planets to improve your mining tool, exosuit and spaceship as you head further into the center of the universe. Crafting, trading and combat are also prominent features.

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