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No Man’s Sky Expeditions Update Arrives With 4K UI, Cross-Save Rewards And More

Hello Games has announced that the free No Man’s Sky Expeditions update is now live for all available platforms, and comes with a boatload of content such as a new HUD complete with 4K UI, Cross-Save rewards, patches for various missions, and much more.

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Read up on the latest No Man’s Sky patch notes below. Right now they look to be a brief rundown of what’s new, as the official game website has yet to post a detailed breakdown.

  • Galactic Expeditions
  • First place medal Mission Patches
  • Smiling face with sunglasses New HUD + 4K UI
  • Expedition Planner
  • Goggles Visor Tech
  • Trophy Cross-Save Rewards
  • Flying saucer Sentinel Balance
  • Brain Perf + Load Optimised
  • Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes Cross-Platform Naming Merge
  • Pushpin Improved Pinning
  • Tear-off calendar On-going Seasons

No Man’s Sky was originally released in August 2016 for the PS4 and PC, and has since expanded to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

[Source – Sean Murray on Twitter]