No Man’s Sky video – Where do you find the Atlas Pass?

You’ve been mining planets like crazy, meeting up with various aliens, but still you have no idea where to get an Atlas Pass from, right?

The No Man’s Sky Atlas pass allows you to break into locked cargo drops, and will give you access through doors at outposts and on space-stations that are otherwise locked.

Minor spoiler!

There may be other ways to find an Atlas Pass besides this method, but if you simply follow the prompts in the game to rebuild, repair, go to a certain waypoint etc., you’ll eventually be pointed towards a space anomaly in orbit. Here you’ll find an alien, who will gift you with the Atlas Pass.

Watch the No Man’s Sky video below to see it in action:


How to craft the Atlas pass 

You’ll need: 

  • 25 Iron
  • 10 Heridium

As those resources are plentiful on most of the planets we’ve visited, you should be able to make plenty of Atlas Passes to open the doors you need to even better rewards!

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