‘No plans’ for new Sega Rally game, says SEGA

SEGA has flattened hopes of seeing a new Sega Rally title in the near future, confirming the developer currently has no plans for a fresh entry in the venerable racing series.

Speaking ahead of the release of Sega Rally Online for Xbox 360 this week, the company’s Mike Hayes didn’t rule out the possibility of seeing a new game, but made it clear that nothing is the pipeline at present.

“Have we got any plans for Sega Rally on any platform at the moment? The answer is no,” Hayes told Eurogamer.

“But we constantly review those IPs to see if we can reinvent them. A lot of it is dependent on what those platforms can do. And of course the cost of development.”

The most recent entry in the series hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2007, with developer Racing Studio being quickly snapped up by publisher Codemasters shortly after the game’s release.

A PS3 version of Sega Rally Online is also planned for release, though Sega has yet to pin a date on the racer in light of the recent PSN downtime. Expect to hear more info as soon as the PlayStation Store is back online.