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Onrush Developer Evo Hit By Massive Layoffs

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It seems UK-based game developer Evo can’t catch a break.

After being unceremoniously ditched by Sony after Driveclub, the developer, formerly known as Evolution Studios, was fortunately snapped up by racing game specialists Codemasters, and last month released the smash ’em up arcade gem Onrush, a hybrid game that was not exactly a racer, but more of a team-based bend of destruction and style that added a pinch of Overwatch’s hero shooter aesthetic

Unfortunately, Onrush did not do all that well financially, despite rapid sales and a free weekend. It sold around 100,000 copies at launch and dropped out of the retail charts after a single week. Now, rather unfairly, Evo is paying a heavy price for that.

According to Eurogamer’s sources, Codemasters has hit Evo with a series of layoffs, which include many senior including director Paul “Rushy” Rustchynsky.

Codemasters issued a brief statement to Eurogamer in which it stunningly declares this is perfectly normal.

This is a normal course of business after a project wraps. It would be inappropriate to comment on the day to day movement of staff changes.

It’s true that laying off a staggering amount of people barely six weeks after a game launches is unfortunately perceived as ‘normal’, but it’s a terrible language to use, and as a practice is disgusting. It’s not exactly encouraging people to remain working in the industry when the business treats talent so callously.

Onrush’s planned post-launch content is still coming through, so get in there and enjoy it while you still can, because it may not be long for this world as an online game. It’s a genuinely good time and deserved a better fate.