Overwatch Blizzard World and Skins; Grand Opening Dated

overwatch update skins

Overwatch Blizzard World, the next new map for Blizzard Entertainment's multiplayer shooter, will launch next week. News of the grand opening of Blizzard World arrived via a tweet from the official Overwatch account, which reads:

Epic memories can only be made in an epic world…

So, grab a ticket and join us for the grand opening of Blizzard World.

Your adventure begins January 23.

The exact start time has yet to be confirmed

Overwatch Blizzard World Event Incoming

You can even go and print off an official ticket to the event, though remember, it's not actual a real place. When the update lands, you'll also have access to new skins! These include: Young Reinhardt, Ecopoint Mei, and StarCraft Nova for Widowmaker. In addition to skins for Torbjorn and Doomfist (inspired by World of Warcraft) and a barbarian skin for Zarya.

Overwatch Blizzard World Skins Confirmed

We're still waiting for the patch notes to confirm all the changes in the new update which may include Hero tweaks. The new map is going to look fantastic as Overwatch Blizzard World is inspired by other games owned by Blizzard Entertainment, including Starcraft, Diablo and World of Warcraft.

You can check out more details in the trailer below, and get set for more content in 2018, including Uprising.

Meanwhile, there’s rumors that Blizzard have another project on the go that could be related to its popular shooter. Could Overwatch 2 be on its way?