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Panzer Dragoon Remake Publisher Signs To Produce Remakes Based On Square Enix IP

Forever Entertainment, the publisher responsible for the recent Panzer Dragoon Remake, has signed to produce a number of remakes based on properties from Square Enix.

The company hasn’t yet confirmed what property it will be remaking, but we’ll find out at a later date during the launch of a worldwide marketing effort for the project. However, we can expect the remake to improve the original’s visuals while still adoring to the gameplay and scenario of its source material.

Furthermore, Forever Entertainment will pocket over 50% of the sales of each copy of the title across multiple formats.

As mentioned, the studio previously worked on the Panzer Dragoon Remake for PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One, with Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Remake due for release this year. In addition to that, Forever Entertainment is also working on remakes of The House of the Dead and The House of the Dead 2.

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Panzer Dragoon was originally released for the Sega Saturn in 1995 and became a cult classic and one of the most celebrated titles released for the troubled console.

[Source – Gematsu]