Persona 5 gameplay showcased by Ann Takamaki as free PS4 theme lands

 persona 5 gameplay

Erika Harlacher, the voice actress who plays Ann Takamaki in Persona 5, runs us through some gameplay, in what must a surreal moment for her as she comes face to face with herself!

The latest Persona 5 gameplay video arrives as Atlus confirm that a free Persona 5 theme and three avatars featuring Yusuke Kitagawa are now live on the PlayStation Store and availble to download on PS4.

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The Persona 5 release date and DLC plans have been outlined as we head towards an April 4 launch on PS3 and PS4. The first Persona 5 review was highly encouraging with a perfect score awarded by OPM, so we’re expecting big things from the latest game in the series.