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New Persona 5 The Royale Gameplay Shows New Location & Combo Attacks

Atlus has released a new Persona 5 The Royale gameplay video via the next chapter in its on-going Morgana’s Report series. For those who haven’t been keeping up the franchise, Persona 5 Royale is an expanded version of Persona 5, the critically acclaimed JRPG released on PlayStation 4 back in 2017, featuring all-new content.

New Persona 5 The Royale Gameplay Revealed

The Persona 5 Royale gameplay offers a glimpse at a brand new location, Kichijoji, the Baton Touch ranks, fresh Combination Attacks, and new activities. There’s also a new Persona featured, which is one of the major additions for this expanded version of the game.

Check it out below.

Persona 5 The Royale is due for release on PS4 in Japan on October 31, with a US and UK launch scheduled for 2020.

Two new characters will be included in the game, namely Kasumi Yoshikawa and Takuto Maruki, and there’s a new confidant hangout in the shape of an aquarium. Meanwhile, other new wrinkles include the fact the Phantom Thieves can now take selfies and show them in messages, the player can also indulge in a spot of pool if they fancy it.

Persona 5 The Royale also adds a new ultimate Persona for characters, which is unlocked during the third term, and a grappling hook has been added to aid in navigation. In addition, new Shadows — including ones base on Biyarky and Macabre — will appear in Palaces.

The original Persona 5 shipped over two million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling instalment in the Megami Tensei franchise. It’s also been responsible for bringing the series more exposure in the west, as Persona has traditionally been more successful in Japan than the US and UK.

The story centres on a chap named Joker in modern-day Tokyo, after being falsely accused of assault and subsequent transfer to Shujin Academy. Persona 5 combines many game elements, predominantly RPG and dungeon crawling.