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Phantom Doctrine Patch 1.01 Released

Phantom Doctrine patch 1.01

Phantom Doctrine patch 1.01 is now available to download on PS4, bringing a significant raft of improvements and bug fixes to CreativeForge’s cold war-inspired strategy game.

Clocking in at a rather hefty 5GB there’s a fair amount to get through. So, to make things easier, we’ll break it down into two sets of bullet points as per the original patch notes.

The first part of today’s Phantom Doctrine patch focusing on improvements; the second, bug fixes.

Phantom Doctrine Patch 1.01 – Improvements

CreativeForge has gone to impressive lengths to improve the game’s performance and appearance so soon after release. Refining menu navigation, balance, and even AI, among other things.

The list in full:

  • Added status effects to character details window
  • Added an intel and loot tracker to the in-game menu on tactical missions
  • Added an ‘XP collected’ display in stealth (50%) and combat (100%)
  • Agent customisation now available regardless of their current location
  • Autosaving in strategic mode now disabled while AFK
  • Both min and max damage always displayed in the targeting panel
  • General AI improvements
  • Improved navigation in the facilities screen
  • Improved display of item comparison in the hideout
  • Improved end of turn prompt notification
  • Improved warnings for actions that trigger alarms
  • Improved action camera whilst using support powers
  • Improved tactical map randomisation
  • Improved readability of UI text
  • Improved UI visuals and animation
  • Improved sound mix and volume
  • Lockpicking refinements enabling it to be performed diagonally
  • Multiple balance improvements
  • Multiple performance optimisations
  • Multiple graphical improvements
  • Multiple improvements to character animations

Phantom Doctrine Patch 1.01 – Bug Fixes

Phantom Doctrine
Phantom Doctrine – a cold war version of the popular XCOM formula

The studio’s attention to detail is equally commendable in the bug fixing department. Eliminating a host of annoying glitches that may have hindered your experience if you picked it up on day one.

These include:

  • A fix to the agent status display for wounded characters assigned to hideout jobs
  • Agents can no longer be assigned to jobs in facilities when there are no available slots
  • Agents missing in hideout raids are no longer available for job assignation
  • AP and FP now displayed correctly inside the gas grenade AoE
  • Corrected the enemy activity progress bar in multiplayer
  • Corrected an issue triggered by long PSN IDs in multiplayer
  • Description of combat-triggering events in certain situations improved to be less vague
  • Dismissed agents no longer continue working their previous jobs in facilities
  • Enemy perception, following the use of the Distract ability, corrected
  • Fixed an error that prevented the use of stimpacks in certain situations
  • Fixed a bug in which hidden enemies would appear in the throwables panel
  • Fixed a bug that locked the UI after changing the difficulty level in the options menu
  • Fixed a connection issue affecting wireless controllers on the gamma select screen
  • Fixed a bug which gave enemies infinite turns whenever an alarm was triggered by a civilian
  • Flashbang effect removed when reinforcements arrive within a player’s LoS
  • Illogical buffs applied to characters in infiltration mode fixed
  • Multiple text files
  • Option to auto hide objectives now appears where appropriate
  • Previous equipment now correctly restored on the loadout screen after deselecting a disguise
  • Protection added to prevent sundry crashes and block-inducing scenarios
  • Removed the ‘new’ status when applied to specific MKUltra treatments in certain situations
  • Removed a bug in which combat would be triggered when using consumables within a camera’s FoV
  • Removed a block triggered when the last agent alive switches teams
  • Repaired an issue in which an incorrect ‘unavailable agents’ message would be displayed before commencing an Assault mission
  • Support powers confirmation panel now correctly hidden
  • Taking over enemies now correctly counts towards target elimination objectives

Phantom Doctrine – the PSU Review

Phew, that’s a lot to digest.

But, if you’re looking for more Phantom Doctrine content, why not check out the PSU review? Spoilers, despite a few rough edges, we quite enjoyed it.