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Phil Spencer’s Camp In Fallout 76 Has Been Nuked

Microsoft’s announcement that it has closed multiple studios including Arkane Austin earlier this week has been met with considerable backlash, and Fallout 76 fans have responded the only way they know how: by nuking Phil Spencer’s camp in the game.

In case you’re not aware, the Enclave quest ‘I Am Become Death’ sees you entering a silo bunker to eliminate a bunch of robots, which then give you access to a launch control centre. Here, you can enter a nuclear keycard and decrypted launch code to blast off a warhead. As such, one player decided to take the opportunity to nuke Big Phil’s camp.

That player is in fact @real1090jake, who took it upon themselves to share a video of their character stood in the post-blast radioactive storm. If that wasn’t enough, they also ran up to Spencer in-game, who refused to challenge to fight them.

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“He got me by a couple [levels], if he would’ve agreed to scrap I would’ve mini nuked ’em,” the player commented. The post went viral on social media, we doubt this will be the last instance of Fallout 76 fans venting their frustrations on Spencer.

[Source – TheGamer]