PlayStation 2 still dominates PS3 & Xbox 360 sales

Sony’s PlayStation 2 remains the highest selling console on the market, over and above PS3 and Xbox 360. A staggering 115 million units have been sold worldwide so far.

"We encourage third parties to continue development for PS2. If they bring a PS3 version out, they can bring a PS2 version out as well," said Sony rep David Reeves in a recent interview. "What happened last time with PS1 is that they left a lot of money on the table by making the transition too quickly,"

Since the launch of the PlayStation 3 last October, the PlayStation 2 has managed to beat its "big brother" in sales every month. Looking at other consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has only beaten the PS2 twice in monthly sales since its late-2005 launch. Nintendo’s Wii has proven more resilient by consistently outselling the PS2 with a small number of exceptions.

Judging the current market, it’s easy to see that Sony will continue supporting the PlayStation 2 for years to come. That means more games adding to an already impressive library, and keeping alive what could be one of the best consoles in gaming history.

Sources: PCWorld