PlayStation 3 on track for 2006

According to a recent report published on the Reuters website. They managed to get in touch with one of Sony’s executives, who wasn’t named in the article or quoted directly with the claim. But Reuters say that it was confirmed by the source that Sony is indeed working hard to bring its brand new PlayStation to life in Spring 2006.

In a recent issue of popular gaming mag, PSM. Leading Sony executives were also quoted as re-confirming the PlayStation 3 launch to coincide with the date announcement made in front of near two thousand journalists during the E3 press conference.

Whether the spring release is for Japan or US is still unknown. Recent interviews with key employees suggest that Sony is looking into a simultaneous launch across the major territories like Microsoft but isn’t concerned if it’s really important. Sony’s previous consoles have always released in Japan first and then anywhere else and maybe Ken and his team would like to keep true to that trend.

Sony is also expected to reveal some crucial details next month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We’ll be tracking the event closely and bring news to you as soon as possible. Keep checking back PS3portal for more PlayStation 3 related information.