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PlayStation 5 £599 Price Placeholder Appears, Disappears From Amazon UK

A PlayStation 5 price placeholder has appeared on Amazon UK, before disappearing almost just as quickly. However, Wario64 on Twitter was able to nab a couple of screenshots of the placeholder from someone who was able to not just screen capture the listing, but order it too.

The screenshots, which you can see below, appear to show a PlayStation 5 price placeholder of £599 for an unannounced 2TB version of the machine.

While £599 is indeed a largely an economically suicidal price point for Sony, it would make sense for the platform holder to offer two SKUs of the same console – not least because the confirmed bog standard 825GB SSD storage won’t really be enough for PlayStation 5 games which will be shipping on 100GB Blu Ray discs (and indeed, folk only need look at existing PS4 install sizes with games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Red Dead Redemption 2 shooting past the 100GB mark).

However, given that similar dummy listings have also appeared for 500GB, 1TB and 2TB versions of Xbox Series X and a complete lack of 825GB listings for PlayStation 5 (which we already know to be true), this all perhaps best taken not seriously at all – not least because back in February 2013, Wario64 was able to pre-order a PlayStation 4 for $1,000, as seen below:

Relatedly, listings have started to appear for dozens of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games too.

Source: Wario64